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Ma Nishtana: Passover Music Video

April 7, 2016 | by Shtar

A classic Passover song with a hip-hop twist.

A musical parody of "See You Again" originally performed Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth. The band Shtar is an Orthodox Hip Hop/Pop band. They have been defying stereotypes ever since its inception inside the walls of Rabbinical College in the Old City of Jerusalem. Consisting of Ori Murray from Seattle (hip hop lyricist), Dan Isaac from London (vocalist), Brad Rubenstein from London (guitarist, producer and songwriter), Avi Sommers from NYC (bassist), and Tzvi Solomons from Jerusalem (drummer), Shtar boasts a unique blend of hip-hop and rock with lyrics grounded in spiritually elevating themes. They recently placed top 9 on the Israel's longest running televised music competition called Hakochav Haba (The Next Star for Eurovision) in which the winner represents Israel in the Eurovision song contest. For a free download go to:

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