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Bless You!

Lech Lecha (Genesis 12-17 )

by Shoshanna Dresner

We often leave blessing people to those of a particular stature. Perhaps a great rabbi, a Cohen (priest) or a bride or groom on their wedding day. Although these people do have special strengths when it comes to giving a blessing, it is interesting to note that every one of us has actually been empowered with this tool.

God tells Avraham "You shall be a blessing (you will have the power to bless those you wish – Rashi) ….and I will bless those who bless you." This idea does not stop with Avraham, but carries down to his descendants!

This creates a unique, easy opportunity for kindness that can be done so many times a day.

When greeting someone with a ‘good morning’, a ‘good night’, or a ‘bless you’ after a sneeze, don’t merely mumble the words. Take the opportunity to infuse the phrase with meaning, by sincerely keeping in mind that you are wishing them a good morning, a good night, or good health! Give them a blessing! When someone is setting out to travel, starting a new job, or even taking an exam, send them on their way with a well-meaning blessing.

When we make an effort to wish well those around us, and to rejoice in each other’s good fortunes, we often find that the care will be reciprocated, and hence creates an atmosphere of love and positivity.

And as the verse so clearly says, those who bless, will in turn be blessed…

Have a blessed Shabbos!

(Idea adapted from Love Your Neighbour by Zelig Pliskin)


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