About the Author

Toby Klein Greenwald

The author lives in Israel. She is an award-winning journalist, artistic director of Raise Your Spirits Theatre, and the editor-in-chief of WholeFamily.com.

Happy Jewish Birthday Around the World

A special project connecting Jews around the world to Israel, in memory of Gil-ad Shaer.

After Breast Cancer: Time to Sing a New Song

Prayer, love and community helped me through cancer.

Temple Mount Gold

Ancient gold treasure from 6th century discovered in Jerusalem.

My Gush Katif Family: Seven Years Later

Fortunately they were able to painstakingly put the pieces of their lives back together.

The Kiss of History

My daughter discovered the oldest known writing in Jerusalem.

The Hebron Massacre

Eighty years ago, an Arab mob went on a rampage and murdered 69 Jews.

Blue and Orange Love Story

The deaths of Dov and Rachel Cole should serve to bring Israelis closer together.

Arthur Cohn: Guardian of Zion

The Academy-award winning producer has made films throughout the world, but his heart is in Jerusalem.

Sudden Death

Like the Purim miracle, God's intervention turned our worst fears to joy.

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