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Eliana Cline

Eliana Cline is a Feeding Coach who helps parents raise children develop a healthy relationship to food and body. Her work draws on an evidence-based methodology that is recommended by leading international pediatric bodies. She can be contacted on www.feedingcoach.co.za

Marie Kondo, Sukkot and Redefining Joy

Joy isn't about the space we live in but the space within in us.

Mommy, You’re Fat!

The cultural obsession with image and size is everywhere, and so are the destructive ramifications.

Dear Single Mother

I was blown away by an encounter I had with one of your 7 children.

The German Jew who Started the Paralympic Games

Dr. Ludwig Guttmann’s belief in the value of every human being changed the future of disabled people.

Hope to the Homeless

How one small act can set off a chain of kindness.

5 Powerful Lessons about Giving

How Cami Walker’s book, “29 Gifts”, changed my life.

Oliver Sacks on Facing Death

Will my last days be filled with gratitude or regret?

Caring for the Chronically Ill

Six critical ways to rise to the challenge from someone who’s been there.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

18 women and the 4 life lessons they attained from their gruelling challenge.

Creating Light during Darkness

4 positive responses when you find yourself submerged in physical or spiritual darkness.

Why I Want a Large Family

The blessing of growing up in a home with many siblings.

Casey’s Dating Wisdom

As someone who hated the dating scene and did something about it, Casey Shevel knows a thing or two about effective dating.

7 Life Lessons from Exercise

How to tap into your real core strength.

Fertile Faith

God doesn’t listen to statistics.

The Money or the Box

I thought the answer was obvious until I faced the test.

Why I Hated Yom Kippur

It made me feel like a fraud. But this year is different.

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