Ask The Rabbi

Will There be Sacrifices in the Third Temple?

Will there be sacrifices in the Third Temple? I heard they were only necessary in earlier times when people were more primitive and felt a need to offer sacrifices to God.

Jacob Buys the Birthright for Soup

I’m studying the story of Jacob and Esau and I am so bothered by the simple storyline. Imagine the scenario. Two brothers, one is sitting at home studying and the other returns from an exhausting day at work. He asks his brother for something to eat. Does the brother help him, as any good brother should? No, he takes advantage of Esau’s weakness and only agrees to give him food if he parts with his most precious asset – his birthright. How can Jacob act so unethically?

Jacob Steals the Blessings

How could Jacob have been so dishonest as to steal Esau’s blessings from his father Isaac? It certainly paints him as the bad guy and not the hero!

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