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December 24, 2009 | by

A look at some of the most popular articles and videos of the decade.

If the last 10 years are to be known for anything, it is probably as the Internet Decade. Ten years ago is when email became ubiquitous enough that (almost) everyone had it, and the time when Wikipedia and the Google revolutions were just getting off the ground.

And at the risk of sounding immodest, the decade also began with the launch of Our mission was to become was the first Jewish educational site to feature meaningful and inspiring articles, top-tier graphics and programming features. Apparently people liked it. What began with 100,000 monthly visits ballooned exponentially into millions.

As the decade progressed, the advent of broadband made it possible for us to introduce short films and later, video blogs. It has been a rewarding ride for our small but dedicated staff, and – judging from the many comments we receive – for readers as well.

So with that in mind, we present our own retrospective,'s "best of" the last decade in both articles and videos. Enjoy! We look forward to sharing another 10 years with you.

Top 10 Articles of the Decade

1. The Jew from Kuwait
by Mark Halawa
My Muslim background left me unprepared for this shocking discovery.
2. Off the Face of the Earth
by Peter Lane Taylor
The remarkable story of a group of Holocaust survivors who hid in one of the world's largest caves.
3. Of Angels and Poinsettias
by Sara Yoheved Rigler
Angels can be created by human beings. My father taught me how.
4. 10 Ways to Marry the Wrong Person
by Rabbi Dov Heller, M.A.
Blind love is not the way to choose a spouse. Here are practical tools for keeping your eyes wide open.
5. How to Get your Prayers Answered
by Rabbi Noah Weinberg
Do you feel like you're talking to a wall when you pray? Here are five key tools for getting your prayers answered.
6. Raising Yehuda
by Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith
Becoming parents of a baby with Down's syndrome has forced us to reconsider our views on parenting and what it means to lead a meaningful life.
7. A Face in the Window
by Rabbi Yaakov Salomon
As Father's Day approaches, I am haunted by one most vivid and moving scene from my childhood.
8. X-Rated
by Seth
My addiction to pornography. A cautionary true story.
9. The Secret Revealed
by Rabbi Benjamin Blech
God as a cosmic bellhop.
10. A Kidney to Give
by Lori Palatnik
Why I donated my kidney to someone I didn't know.


Top 10 Videos of the Decade

1. Photo Fraud in Lebanon
How the media skews the story.
2. 15 Seconds
Support Israel's efforts to stop the Hamas rocket attacks.
3. Stand Up to Ahmadinejad
We cannot live with a nuclear Iran.
4. Sorry
It's not just a game.
5. JPhone
by Jewlarious
Think different... Very different.
6. Questions from God
What’s really important in life?
7. 60 Years: Israel Then and Now
60 years in 60 seconds.
8. Chief Rabbi Lau
Buchenwald's youngest survivor.
9. 5 Ways to Attain Misery
Effective strategies for a miserable life.
10. A Day at the Western Wall
Exploring the depth of Jewish connection to this eternal holy site.

Runner-Up Articles

Surviving Long Distance Relationship
The Torah in our Church
Arriving at Sinai
48 Ways to Wisdom #1
His Name Was Nachshon Wachsman
54 Ways You Can Help Israel
What Men Really Want
The Straight Path Home
How to Build Trust in a Marriage
Guide to the Jewish Wedding

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