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Revisiting some of the most popular videos and articles of the year.


Passover RhapsodyPassover Rhapsody
The Exodus story set to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody."

What Makes Rosh Hashanah BeautifulWhat Makes Rosh Hashanah Beautiful
An inspiring music video by students of Aish Jerusalem.

We've Gotta Live TogetherWe've Gotta Live Together
Building unity through kindness.

Photo Fraud in GazaPhoto Fraud in Gaza
by Rabbi Shraga Simmons
The inside story of the media war against Israel.

Listen to Grandpa, Andy LingListen to Grandpa, Andy Ling: Episode 1
A 3-part original online film, starring Academy Award nominee Elliott Gould.

Racing HomeRacing Home: A Hanukkah Surprise
An Video.

Jtube: All in the Family: Archie’s Jewish FriendJtube: All in the Family: Archie’s Jewish Friend
by CBS
How important is it to keep your Jewish name?

Hear O IsraelHear O Israel
by Charlie Harary
Understanding the wisdom of Judaism's most important prayer.  An Film

The Meaning of KaddishThe Meaning of Kaddish
by Charlie Harary
Remembering your mission in this world.

Purim AnimatedPurim Animated
Watch the Purim story come alive.


Steve Jobs' Last WordsSteve Jobs' Last Words
by Rabbi Benjamin Blech
The most important quote of the year.

MatisyahuMatisyahu: Exclusive Interview
With honesty and candor, the reggae star discusses his spiritual journey and redefining his Jewish identity.

Hurricane Sandy: The AftermathHurricane Sandy: The Aftermath
by Charlie Harary
Sandy brought her game. Now it’s time to bring ours.

Queen Elizabeth & IsraelQueen Elizabeth & Israel
by Rabbi Shraga Simmons
In 60 years, why has she never visited Israel?

Olympic SilenceOlympic Silence
by Rabbi Shraga Simmons
Forty years after 11 athletes were murdered in Munich, Israel still mourns alone.

What Husbands need to KnowWhat Husbands Need to Know
by Anonymous
How I stopped being cruel to my wife and saved my marriage.

An Open Letter to the Beit Shemesh SpitterAn Open Letter to the Beit Shemesh Spitter
by Aish HaTorah
How dare you?

The Connecticut School ShootingThe Connecticut School Shooting
by Sara Debbie Gutfreund
Asking why in the aftermath of tragedy.

Purim & IranPurim and Iran
by Rabbi Shraga Simmons
Startling parallels between ancient Persia and Israel’s predicament today.

My Journey from Chinese to JewishMy Journey from Chinese to Jewish
by Aaron Wood
A chance encounter with a Bible launched my 16-year road to conversion.


Five things your husband Wants You to Know but Won't Tell YouFive Things Your Husband Wishes You’d Know but Won’t Tell You
by Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin
Be amazed at the positive and immediate effect they can have on your marriage.

Five Things Your Wife Wishes You’d Know but Won’t Tell You
by Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin
Husbands, listen up.

The Guru and the HasidThe Guru and the Hasid
by Sara Yoheved Rigler
The stranger-than-fiction true story of Swami Vijayananda.

An Open Letter to Alice WalkerAn Open Letter to Alice Walker
by Dr. Denis MacEoin
A must-read letter by the editor of Middle East Quarterly.

A Hero in ConnecticutA Hero in Connecticut
by Rabbi Shraga Simmons
Where did a first grade teacher get the strength to perform her extraordinary act of bravery?

8 Fascinating facts about Hanukkah8 Fascinating facts about Hanukkah
An Infographic to SHARE with friends and family.

That Sinking FeelingThat Sinking Feeling
by Rabbi Benjamin Blech
The tragedy of the Costa Concordia.

A Simple Twist of FaithA Simple Twist of Faith
by Leah Schiermeyer
How did a Baptist, country girl like me, raised in the Bible Belt, become an observant Jew?

Remind Me Why We’re Still Together?Remind Me Why We’re Still Together?
by Iliana and Eli Glovinsky
One couple’s radical solution to bridging the distance in their 25-year-old marriage.

Saved by a PrayerSaved by a Prayer
by Sara Yoheved Rigler
One Jew's miraculous story.

The Lance Armstrong TragedyThe Lance Armstrong Tragedy
by Rabbi Benjamin Blech
A timely lesson for all of us.

The Tragedy In ToulouseThe Tragedy In Toulouse
by Rabbi Benjamin Blech
To be a Jew is to be a magnet for hatred, no matter how unjustified and irrational.

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