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Historic Timeline

May 9, 2009 | by

If an ancient Selucid asked you for directions, would you be able to show him back to his continent and to his period in history?

The following charts are designed to give you a sense of the flow of events that took place during the period of Chanukah and to place them in the broader context of Jewish history.

If the mention of a clash between the Trojans and the Spartans evokes images of the Rose Bowl, if the word Acropolis reminds you of your favorite Greek restaurant, and if you can't remember if it was Antiochus, Achashverosh or Aristophanes who married Queen Esther – then you will find the following historical overview helpful.

Abraham and Sarah 1671 BCE
Egyptian slavery begins 1428 BCE
Exodus and Torah at Mt. Sinai 1312 BCE
Jewish People enter Israel 1272 BCE
First Temple built 825 BCE
First Temple destroyed;
Babylonian exile begins 422 BCE
Purim Events 355 BCE
Second Temple built 352 BCE
Miracle of Chanukah 165 BCE
Second Temple destroyed;
Roman exile begins 70 CE
Babylonian Talmud compiled 500 CE
First Crusade 1096 CE
Expulsion of Spanish Jewry 1492
Rise of Chassidism 1772
First Zionist Congress 1897
Holocaust 1939
Rebirth of Israel 1948
Reunification of Jerusalem 1967
Athens defeats Persia at Marathon 490 BCE
Plato; Greek philosophy 400 BCE
Sparta defeats Athens 352 BCE
Philip of Macedon rules Greece 338 BCE
Alexander the Great rules Greece 336 BCE
Alexander dies;
Ptolemies control Egypt and Israel 323 BCE
Selucid Syrian/Greeks conquer Israel 199 BCE
Greek decrees against Judaism;
Desecration of Temple 168 BCE
Matitiyahu begins revolt in Modi’in 167 BCE
Matitiyahu dies; Judah Maccabee leads
War against Greeks 166 BCE
Temple recaptured;
Miracle of oil occurs 165 BCE
Jewish war against the Greek continues 165-140 BCE
Hasmonean dynasty 140-36 BCE
Rome conquers Jerusalem 63 BCE

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