How to Play Dreidel (Sevivon)

Learn how to play and understand the meaning behind the dreidel symbols.

Eight Family Ideas for Hanukkah

Ideas to light up your celebration during the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Gifts for Chanukah

Look no further. AISHopping has the perfect present for Chanukah.

Hanukkah - Chanukah Coloring Pages

What fun! Print out these Hanukkah coloring pages, color, and enjoy!

Chanukah Family Parsha: The Package Deal

Physical beauty and power is best used to express higher values.

Family Parsha_

We all love beauty. But what makes something or someone beautiful?

Winning the Game

To win, you don't have to be physically stronger or more skilled than your opponent. Where it counts is in the heart.

One Miracle? No, Two!

Dizzy the Dreidel Top has come to take you for a ride back in time.

A Serious Game

A story that takes place in one of the caves where Jewish children would meet their rabbi every day to learn and study in secret.

Chanukah Family Guide

When does the family join together to light the Chanukah menorah? How do we light? What time do we light?...and a special Chanukah story.

Family Illuminations

Jewish survival and Jewish revival begins in the Jewish home.

8 Nights, 8 Heroes

Inspiring stories to share around the Chanukah lights.

Chanukah: Crafting Jewish

Fun Chanukah craft ideas for the whole family.

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