Hanukkah Potato Latkes Recipes

Traditional Chanukah potato latkes recipe

Super Healthy Recipes for Hanukkah

Delicious, easy to prepare and rich with olive oil.

Getting Creative with Latkes and Donuts

Get in the festive mood with these creative recipes that put a new spin on traditional latkes and donuts.

Fry It! Yummy Recipes for Hanukkah

Fun, delicious, and crispy crowd pleasers.

Hot & Healthy for Chanukah

Whole wheat recipe ideas which are baked instead of fried.

Cooking with Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy type of fat and also reminds us how the oil lasted during Hanukkah. Try these delicious recipes.

Hanukkah: Latkes and Finger Foods

A magnificent and easy to make buffet.

Celebrating Hanukkah the Lean Way

8 salads for 8 days, because a salad a day keeps your weight at bay.

4 Steps to the Perfect Latke

How to make the perfect latke.

Cooking with Olive Oil

This Hanukkah celebrate the miracle of olive oil with these delicious, healthy dips.

Hannukah Menu for Dinner

Instead of potato latkes, try these delectable dishes.

Gourmet Latkes

Two unique recipes to spice up your holiday.

Potato Latke Tricks

How to properly freeze latkes, and three great recipes.

Special Recipes for Thanksgivvukah

Donut bread pudding, olive oil cake & getting into the Thanksgivvukah spirit!

Hash Brown Potato Latkes

Super fast and super delicious.

Exotic Hanukkah Foods

Try something a little different – and very yummy!

Latke Mania!

Give your family a treat with great new twists on this classic dish.

Chanukah Menu

It isn't only about latkes.

Easy Hanukkah Recipes

And miraculously fun too.

How to Make Doughnuts

No hassle, no mixer, square and round doughnuts.

Fun Chanukah Cooking

Chanukah cooking doesn’t have to be boring!

Chanukah: A New Spin on Traditional Recipes

Some favorite traditional and dairy recipes your family will love.

Lots of Latkes and Donuts

And other special Chanukah treats.

A Dairy Chanukah

Celebrate with these delicious dairy dishes.

Asian Chanukah Recipes

Add an unusual twist to your Chanukah party.

Lots of Latkes

Chanukah treats and more.

A Chanukah Menu

It's not about the food -- or is it?

A Dairy Chanukah

Easy to make and delicious to eat, these dairy recipes are sure to please.

Chanukah: Quick and Kosher

Recipes from the bride who knew nothing.

Do-it-Yourself Chanukah Party

and delicious recipes that will spice up your Chanukah party.

Latkes Galore

Instead of the typical oily potato latkes, why not try some of these different ideas?

Chanukah Recipes

Delicious latkes and doughnuts to enhance your Chanukah table.

Feta Cheese on Chanukah

Celebrate the Chanukah miracle with a different edible twist.

Chanukah Specialties

Selected Chanukah recipes from "Kosher by Design Entertains."

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