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Gifts for Chanukah

November 1, 2010 | by AISHopping

Look no further. AISHopping has the perfect present for Chanukah. has lots of great articles on the spiritual aspects of Chanukah. The holiday has also become a time for gift giving.  But what to give?  At AISHopping, you can find gifts from Israel to suit any person, any style, and any budget. 

Take a look at our amazing selection of Chanukah menorahs.  We have traditional menorahs as well as modern designs – silver, brass, glass, ceramic, aluminum and wood.  If you are more traditional, there are menorahs designed to be reminiscent of the Menorah that stood in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.   

Alternatively, there are replicas of European and North African menorahs from past centuries – official products of Jerusalem’s world-famous Israel Museum.  These functional works of art allow you to own a piece of history! 

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Looking for something more contemporary? One could hardly do better than a stunning design from Yair Emanuel, one of Israel’s top Judaica artists.  Whether it’s hand painted wood with brass inserts, hand-painted laser-cut metal, or space age anodized cast aluminum, these are menorahs that will turn heads for years to come. 

Whether classic or modern, nothing is more stately and regal than a Chanukah menorah made from sterling silver.  Hazorfim, the world’s top producer of sterling silver Judaica products, has an extensive range of menorahs in every size and shape imaginable. 

A child’s fondest Chanukah memories will often be of spinning the dreidel with friends.  AISHopping carries a huge selection of hand-painted wooden dreidels by Yair Emanuel, each one a unique and memorable work of art.  There’s also a sterling silver Israel Museum replica of a 19th century European dreidel, dreidel-menorah combinations, and a new dreidel game for children. 

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AISHopping also has hundreds of other products to make your holiday more joyous and complete.  Books, CDs, and software for children and adults will help set the mood, and our selection of luxurious gift baskets are all kosher, all made in Israel, and all guaranteed to make any holiday sweeter! 

This Chanukah, get the best Israeli products, while supporting – all at AISHopping.

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