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Mourning Aaron

Chukat (Numbers 19:1-22:1 )

by Rabbi Ron Jawary

"The entire Jewish nation mourned Aaron for 30 days" (Num. 20:28).

It's interesting that the death of one person evoked such a strong reaction; the entire nation mourned the loss of Aaron. In fact, even Moses was unable to evoke such a reaction.

The Talmud points out that Aaron's unique character traits enabled him to earn the love and respect of the entire nation. He loved peace and did all he could to promote it, and he loved people and always tried to connect them to the spiritual side of life.

There are people who may love the idea of peace, but are never willing to compromise in order to achieve it. Similarly, there are many people who profess love of others but leave it as a concept and never do anything about it. Aaron did both: he loved people and valued peace, and allowed those values to shine through his very essence.

There is only one person whom the Mishna tells us emulate, and that is Aaron. Aaron teaches us that winning or getting our way is not always as important as maintaining meaningful relationships with those around us.


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