Torah Teasers Parshat Vayeshev

November 21, 2012

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Vayeshev (Genesis 37-40 )

9 great Torah Teasers.

1. Aside from the kutonet (tunic) that Yaakov made for Yosef, where else in the Torah is a kutonet fashioned? Who in Nach wore a kutonet passim?

Kutonet is one of the garments of the kohen priest (Exodus 28:4). Tamar, the daughter of King David, wore a kutonet passim (2-Shmuel 13:19).

2. In this parsha, the brothers took Yosef out of a bor (pit). Where else is Yosef taken out of a bor?

When Yosef is needed to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh, he is taken out of a bor - pit or dungeon (Genesis 41:14).

3. Where in this parsha do people handle a goat? (2 answers)

The brothers slaughter a goat into which they dip Yosef's tunic (Genesis 37:31). Yehudah sends a goat to Tamar as payment (Genesis 38:20).

4. Where in this parsha is bread mentioned? (2 answers)

After the brothers throw Yosef into the pit, they sit down to eat bread (Genesis 37:25). The Torah states that Potiphar entrusted Yosef with all that was in his household - "except for the bread which he eats" (Genesis 39:6, where Rashi explains that "bread" refers to Potiphar's wife).

5. Which two different times in this parsha is clothing removed from the same person?

The brothers remove Yosef's tunic (Genesis 37:23). Potiphar's wife pulls off Yosef's garment when she wishes to lie with him (Genesis 39:12).

6. In this parsha, in what context does someone tear his clothing? (2 answers) Where else in the book of Genesis do people tear their clothing?

Reuven tears his clothing when discovering that Yosef is no longer in the pit (Genesis 37:29). Yaakov tears his clothing when he thinks that Yosef was killed (Genesis 37:34). All the brothers tear their clothing when a goblet is found in the sack of Benyamin (Genesis 44:13).

7. About which man does the Torah say Va'yi'ma'ain - "And he refused" to do something? (2 answers) Where else does one of those men refuse to do something, and the expression Va'yi'ma'ain is used?

Yaakov refuses to be comforted over the "death" of Yosef (Genesis 37:35). Yosef refuses to lie with Potiphar's wife (Genesis 39:8). Yaakov refuses Yosef's request to change the position of his hands when giving the bracha to Ephraim and Menashe (Genesis 48:19).

8. In this parsha, who was the opposite of his name "in Hashem's eyes"? Who else in the book of Genesis was the opposite of his name in Hashem's eyes?

Er (ayin-reish), the son of Yehudah, is described as ra (reish-ayin) "evil in the eyes of Hashem" (Genesis 38:7). Also, Noach (nun-chet) found chein (chet-nun) "favor in the eyes of Hashem" (Genesis 6:8).

9. In this parsha, where is the number 3 mentioned? (4 answers)

It is discovered after three months that Tamar is pregnant (Genesis 38:24). There are three vines in the dream of the butler and three baskets in the dream of the baker (Genesis 40:10-20). Three days pass from the two dreams until Pharaoh returns the butler to his position and executes the baker (Genesis 40:20).
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