The Bible

Crash Course in the Torah

A 24-part video series that makes it easy.

Sinai for Non-Jews

What makes the giving of the Torah so universally relevant and necessary?

Overview of the Entire Torah

A big picture look at the books of the Bible and the Oral Law.

Respect for Holy Objects

Taking care not to erase the written name of God.

Sanctity of Torah Scrolls

Our special relationship with sacred books.

Writing the Torah

Who composed the original Torah? How is a scroll written today? Is our current text accurate?

Process of Transmission

Everyone knows that the Talmud is full of disagreements. Does this mean that the information is inaccurate? Actually it proves the opposite!

Accuracy of Torah Text

The great success of Jewish tradition is the meticulous transmission of the Torah text. But actually how accurate is it?

Explaining the Binding of Isaac

Where was Abraham's own moral sense when he agreed to murder Isaac?

Did God Speak at Sinai?

What supports the claim that God spoke to the entire Jewish people at the foot of Mount Sinai?

Empower Your Jewish Journey

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