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Hanukkah Quiz

November 29, 2020 | by Rabbi Shraga Simmons

Test your knowledge about Hanukkah

1. What does the word "Chanukah" mean?

A. candles
B. triumph
C. dedication
D. potato pancake



2. The best place to light the Menorah is:

A. outside your front door
B. in your front window
C. on your living room table
D. on your rooftop



3. Who is the Greek-Syrian leader that took harsh steps to destroy Judaism?

A. Alexander the Great
B. Antiochus Epiphanes
C. Julius Caesar
D. Judah Maccabee



4. On Friday afternoon, the menorah should stay lit for at least:

A. 18 minutes
B. 30 minutes
C. 48 minutes
D. 72 minutes



5. What is the name of the courageous Jewish woman who defied the Greeks and killed one of their generals?

A. Yehudit
B. Devorah
C. Miriam
D. Esther



6. According to Jewish law, how many gifts must be given during the holiday of Chanukah?

A. 0 presents
B. 1 presents
C. 8 presents
D. give until it hurts



7. The preferred arrangement of a menorah is where the candles:

A. are all at the same height
B. all are in a straight line
C. are at least 2 cm apart
D. all of the above



8. Jews who assimilated into Greek culture were called:

A. Greeks
B. Maccabees
C. Hasmoneans
D. Hellenists



9. How many branches did the Menorah in the Holy Temple have?

A. 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. 9



10. What do the four Hebrew letters on the dreidel (nun, gimmel, hey, shin) stand for?

A. Eternal values will always triumph
B. A great miracle happened there
C. God saved us from our enemies
D. Try your luck and win the pot



11. Who is allowed to say a blessing on the lights of Chanukah?

A. one who does the lighting himself
B. one who does not light, but has someone else light on his behalf
C. one who merely sees the Chanukah lights
D. all of the above




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