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Clinging to Miracles

July 18, 2013 | by Michelle Feder

The doctors didn’t think our son would make it through the night. Then the miracles began.

Our precious baby boy Yoel was coming out of preschool, standing by the door. Out of nowhere a driver collapsed at the wheel with his foot stuck on the accelerator. The car jumped the curb, crossed three lawns, and like a missile hitting its target, the car struck my son’s head throwing him back and pinning him in between two cars.

A team of doctors and nurses were working on him in the emergency room; most were sure he would not make it to the intensive care unit. But he did. And we waited by his side praying to God to let our son live.

He sustained significant brain damage and his skull and facial bones were crushed like an egg into a million pieces. The orbit of his eye was crushed with nerve and muscle damage. He had a stroke in the back of his head during the night and his injuries were so severe the doctors didn’t think he would make it through the night. One doctor told me, “It’s now in God’s hands. We’ve done everything medically that we can do. Now we have to wait.”

There was nothing we could do but pray. I was not leaving the hospital until my son was able to leave with me. I held his hand and cried until I had no more tears left to cry. I prayed to God, “You have to bring my son back home the exact same way he left that Tuesday morning. God I expect nothing less!”

And then the miracles began to happen right before our eyes… This video captures Yoel’s story.

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