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Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein

The writer, who has a PhD. in Human Rights Law, is the chief rabbi of South Africa

Appropriating ‘Apartheid’ to Bash Israel

Human Rights Watch traduces the sacred memories of South African victims.

Lag B'Omer and the Power to Recreate

Rabbi Akiva's timely post-corona message.

Parsha: Why the Giving of the Torah is a Turning Point in History

Israel Does Not Practice Apartheid

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is wholly different from the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.

Parsha: Performing Mitzvot with Joy

Parsha: Watch Your Words

Parsha: On Being a Kiddush Hashem

Parsha: Is Self-Interest Incompatible with Altruism?

Parsha: Why Human Beings were Created Last

Parsha: Spiritual Eating

Parsha: On Eagles’ Wings

Parsha: How to Grow through Tough Times

Parsha: The Best Way to Serve God

Parsha: What Happens When We Give?

Parsha: What Does it Mean to Be Personally Accountable?

Parsha: How Shabbat Changes Us

Parsha: The Relationship Between the Individual and the Community

Parsha: Holy Space

Parsha: A Just World

Parsha: How To Become Great

Parsha: The Beginning of Time

Parsha: Charging Through Life

Parsha: "The World was Created for Me": Now What?

Parsha: Seeing the Big Picture

Even if we don't see how, everything is ultimately part of God's masterplan.

Parsha: Hanukkah: What's In a Name?

Parsha: Hanukkah: The Multiplier Effect - The Power of the Jewish People

Parsha: How Do We Find Meaning In Our Internal Struggles?

Parsha: The Importance of Having a Vision

Parsha: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Parsha: What Is the Real Meaning of Integrity?

Reclaiming Jewish Identity from Anti-Semitism

Defining Jewish identity through joy and celebration, not pain and persecution.

Parsha: Can You Ever Put God on Hold?

Parsha: How We Can Learn From Our Tests

Parsha: Do You Want to Build an Ark?

Parsha: Why Was Humanity Created Last?

Parsha: Yom Kippur: The Happiest Day of the Year

Parsha: The Shofar: The Difference between Hearing and Listening

Parsha: The Farmer and Telling the Story of the Jewish People

Parsha: Long Life and Honoring Parents

Parsha: Why Preparation Is Essential for a Spiritual Experience

Parsha: How Do We Love God?

Parsha: How To React To Criticism

Parsha: What Does It Mean To Pray?

Parsha: How Do We Find Joy in the Process?

Parsha: Why Is Selfless Leadership So Important?

Parsha: The Most Important Institution for Jewish Life

Parsha: How to Avoid Life's Pitfalls

Parsha: How Do We Rise Above Groupthink?

Using the power of social pressure for good.

Parsha: Are You Humble?

Four steps to bringing humility into your life.

Parsha: How Do We Move On In Life

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