The Right One – During dating it has become popular to encourage singles to stop asking "Is he or she the right one for me?" and to ask instead "Am I best the one for him or her?" And "What can I do to… More »
Finding a Match – I’ve been doing the singles scene for years and now that I’d like to get married, I realize that my chances of just stumbling upon Mr. Right are quite slim. What’s a good Plan B? More »
Isaac & Finding the Perfect Partner – I’m 30 years old and finding that most of my friends who have gotten married are soon after divorced. I would like to get married but am afraid of marrying the wrong person. Any guidelines to suggest? More »

Marriage - General

Becoming a 'Giver' – I’ve been married now for almost a year and my wife is starting to get impatient. He says that I’m selfish and don’t know how to give. I see that in many ways she is right. I grew up in… More »
Cousin Marriages – Does the Torah permit cousin marriages? Is the topic discussed at all? I’m concerned in particular because the inbreeding is likely to cause genetic disorders, as historically happened to many royal families. I have the impression that upper class Jewish… More »
Engagement Party on Nine Days – I have a friend who is getting married shortly after Tisha B’Av. My friends wanted to celebrate a bachelor party for him next week, during the Nine Days. I didn’t feel it was appropriate but they claimed that so long… More »

Wedding Ceremony

Attending Wedding on Yahrtzeit – I am invited to a wedding in a few weeks and I realized it falls out on my father’s yahrtzeit (the anniversary of his date of death). Am I allowed to attend? More »
Aufruf Before Wedding – My wedding is God willing in a few weeks, and I know that on the Shabbat beforehand I am called to the Torah for my “aufruf”. Why is a celebration held in honor of the groom the Shabbat before his… More »
Child Attending Parent’s Second Marriage – My parents are divorced and my father is remarrying in the near future. It will be a very small ceremony, and I was told that the children of the first marriage should not attend. Is that true? More »

Intimacy Issues, Mikveh

Visiting the Sick – I work near a hospital and on my lunch hour I have been volunteering to visit the Jewish patients. Are there any specific Jewish traditions regarding visiting the sick? More »
Living Together – Fifty percent of couples who marry today live together beforehand. Their odds of divorce are two times greater than couples who don’t. (Psychology Today, July/August 2005) . End of argument! In fact the studies go one step further. Couples who… More »
Adultery - Jewish Perspective – What is so bad about adultery that it is prohibited in the 10 commandments? More »


Siamese Twins – The situation in Manchester, England is heart-breaking. Two baby girls, barely a month old, are conjoined at the lower abdomen. Mary has no heart or lungs and is being kept alive by her sister Jodie. Jodie has a good chance… More »
Cloning & Immortality – In the various life choices I’ve made – career, family, etc – I notice one common denominator: I am on a quest for immortality. I want to leave a legacy. Wouldn’t it simply solve this existential problem by cloning myself? More »
Divorcee – Husband’s Customs – I am divorced now. Do I still have to follow the customs of my ex-husband – such as not eating out on Passover? More »


Concerned Parents – Our son is planning to intermarry. We are very upset, and feel strongly that he is making a mistake. In the meantime, he has given us an ultimatum: Either accept her, or I don’t want to have anything to do… More »
Eating Veal – I was in the kosher meat market the other day and they were selling veal. I don't understand how veal can be kosher, given the horrific conditions in which veal is raised. Please explain. More »
Have Her Convert? – I’ve been dating a young woman for the past two years and we are starting to think about marriage. The problem is that she is not Jewish. I would want her to convert, but in a way where there would… More »


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