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Grace After Meals - Text

May 9, 2009 | by Lori Palatnik

Text of the Grace After Meals

Shir Ha Maalot

Shir ha-maalot,
beshuv Adonai et shivat tziyon
hayinu ke-cholmim.
Az yimalei sechok pinu
u-leshoneinu rinah
az yomru va goyim
higdil Adonai la'asot im eileh.
Higdil Adonai la'asot imanu
hayinu semeichim.

Shuvah Adonai et sheviteinu
ka-afikim ba-negev.
Ha-zorim be-dimah be-rinah yiktzoru.
Haloch yeileich u'vachoh
nosei meshech ha-zara,
bo yavo ve-rinah
nosei alumotav.

A Song of Ascents.

When the Lord brought Zion out of captivity,
we were like people in a dream.
At the time, our mouth was filled with laughter
and our tongue with cries of joy;
at the time it was said among the nations,
"The Lord has done great things for them."

The Lord had done great things for us;
we were happy.

Let our captivity, Lord, be a thing of the past,
like dried-up streams in the Negev.
Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.
The man who weeps as he trails the seed along
will return with cries of joy,
carrying his sheaves.

* * *

Wash the Mayim Acharonim (after-waters).

When three or more men have eaten together, one invites the others to join him in Grace After Meals:

Rabotai nevareich.

My friends, let us say the blessing.

The others answer:

Yehi sheim Adonai mevorach mei-atah ve-ad olam.

May the name of the Lord be blessed from now and forever more.

The leader continues:

Yehi sheim Adonai mevorach mei-atah ve-ad olam.
Bireshut -- maranan ve-rabanan ve-rabotai, nevareich
(If there are ten men present add: Eloheinu)
she-achalnu mishelo

May the name of the Lord be blessed from now and forever more.
With permission of the distinguished people present,

Let us bless Him (If there are 10 men present add: our God)
whose food we have eaten.

The others say:

Baruch (Eloheinu) she-achalnu mishelo
uve-tuvo chayinu.

Blessed is He (our God) whose food we have eaten
and through whose goodness we live.

* * *

All continue: (individuals begin here)

Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam,
ha-zan et ha-olam kulo
be-tuvo be-chein be-chesed uve-rachamim
hu notein lechem le-chol basar,
ki le-olam chasdo.
Uve-tuvo ha gadol
tamid lo chasar lanu
ve'al yechsar lanu mazon le-olam vaed.
Ba'avur shemo ha gadol
ki hu El zan u-mefarneis la-kol
u-meitiv la-kol u-meichin mazon
le-chol beriyotav asher baro.
Baruch ata Adonai, ha-zan et ha-kol.

You are blessed, Lord our God, Sovereign of the world,
who provides food for the entire world
in his goodness, with grace, kindness, and mercy.
He supplies bread for all living beings,
for His kindness is everlasting.
Because of His great goodness,
we have never lacked food, nor will we ever lack it
on account of His great name
since He is God who feeds and provides for all
and is good to all and who supplies food
for all His creatures which He brought into being.

You are blessed, Lord, who provides food for all.

* * *

Nodeh lecha Adonai Eloheinu

al she-hinchalta la-avoteinu
eretz chemdah tovah u-rechavoh
ve-al she-hotzeitanu Adonai Eloheinu mei-eretz mitzrayim
u feditanu mi-belt avadim,
ve-al beritcha she-chatamta bi-vesareinu,
ve-al Toratcha she-limadetanu,
ve-al chukecha she-hodatanu,
ve-al chayim chein va-chesed she-chonantanu,
ve-al achilat mazon sha-ata zan u-mefarneis otanu tamid
be-chol yom uve-chol eit uve-chol sha'ah

We thank You, Lord our God,
for having given the heritage to our fathers
of a lovely, fine and spacious land,
and for having brought us out, Lord our God, from Egypt,
and for rescuing us from slavery,
and also for Your covenant which You sealed in our flesh,
as well as for Your Torah which You taught us,
and Your laws of which You told us,
and for the life, grace and kindness You have granted us,
and for the food which You supply and provide for us constantly,
every day, all the time, and at every hour.

* * *

Ve-al ha-kol Adonai Eloheinu
anachnu modim lach u-mevarchim otach
yitbarach shimcha be fi kol chai
tamid le-olam va-ed.
Ka-katuv, ve-achalta ve-savata u-veirachta
et Adonai Elohecha al ha-aretz ha-tovah asher natan lach.
Baruch atah Adonai, al ha-aretz ve-al ha-mazon.

So for everything, Lord our God,
we thank You and bless You
may Your name be blessed in the speech of all living beings,
constantly, for all time.

For it is written: "And you shall eat, and be satisfied, and bless
the Lord your God for the good land He gave you."
You are blessed, Lord, for the land and for the food.

* * *

Racheim Adonai Eloheinu
al Yisrael amecha
ve-al Yerushalayim irecha
ve-al tziyon mishkan kevodecha
ve-al malchut beit David meshichecha
ve-al ha-bayit ha gadol
veha-kadosh she-nikra shimcha alav.

Eloheinu avinu re'einu zuneinu
parneseinu ve-chalkeleinu
ve-harvicheinu ve-harvach lanu
Adonai Eloheinu meheirah mi-kol tzaroteinu.

Ve-na al tatzricheinu Adonai Eloheinu
Lo lidei matnat basar va-dam ve-lo lidei halva'atam,
ki im le-yadcha ha-melei'ah ha-petucha
ha-kedoshah veha-rechavah,
she-lo neivosh ve-lo nikaleim le-olam vaed.

Have mercy, Lord our God,

on Israel Your people,
on Jerusalem Your city,
on Zion the home of your glory,
on the kingdom of the house of David, Your anointed one,
and on the great and holy house which is called by Your name.

Our God, our Father, look after us and feed us,
give us a livelihood and support us,
and provide a respite for us -- a respite for us,
Lord our God, soon, from all our troubles.

And please, let us not be dependent, Lord our God,
neither on a gift, nor on a loan from a human being,
but rather on Your full, open,
holy and generous hand,
so that we should never feel embarrassed or ashamed.

* * *

Special paragraph for Shabbat:

Retzeih ve-hachalitzeinu Adonai Eloheinu be-mitzvotecha
uve-mitzvat yom ha-shevi
ha-Shabbat ha gadol veha-kadosh ha-zeh.
Ki yom zeh gadol ve-kadosh hu lefanecha
lishbot bo ve-lanuach bo
be-ahavah ke-mitzvat retzonecha.

Uvi-retzoncha haniyach lanu Adonai Eloheinu
she-lo tehei tzarah ve-yagon va-anachah be-yom menuchateinu.
Ve-hareinu Adonai Eloheinu be-nechamat tziyon irecha
uve-vinyan Yerushalayim ir kodshecha
ki atah hu baal ha-yeshuot u-vaal ha-nechamot.

Be pleased, Lord our God, to strengthen us through Your commandments, especially the commandment of the seventh day,
this great and holy Shabbat.
For this is indeed a great and holy day for You;
to rest and be at ease,
with loving concern for the command of Your will.

So may it please You to grant us rest, Lord our God,
with no trouble, or unhappiness, or weeping on our day of rest.
And let us witness, Lord our God, the consolation of Zion, Your city,

and the building up of Jerusalem, Your holy city,
for you are the Lord of redemption, and the Lord of consolation.

* * *

U-veneih Yerushalayim

ir ha-kodesh bi-meheirah ve-yameinu.
Baruch atah Adonai, boneh ve-rachamav Yerushalayim.

And may You build up Jerusalem,
the holy city, rapidly in our lifetimes.
You are blessed, Lord, who in His mercy, builds up Jerusalem.

* * *

Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam,
ha-Eil avinu malkeinu adireinu boreinu
go'aleinu yotzreinu kedosheinu kedosh Yaakov,
ro'einu ro'eih Yisrael
ha-melech ha-tov veha-meitiv la-kol
shebechol yom va-yom
hu heitiv hu meitiv hu yeitiv lanu.

Hu gemalanu hu gomleinu hu yigmeleinu la-ad
lechein le-chesed ule-rachamim
ule-revach hatzalah ve-hatzlacha beracha
viyshuah nechama parnasa ve-chalkalah
ve-rachamim ve-chayim ve-shalom ve-chol tov,
umi-kol tuv le-olam al yechasreinu.

You are blessed, Lord our God, Sovereign of the world
God who is our Father, our King, our Mighty One, our Creator,
our Redeemer, our Maker, our Holy One-the Holy One Jacob
our Shepherd, the Shepherd of Israel
the King who is good and does good to all
who each and every day
has been good, is good and will be good to us.

He gave, gives, and will always give us
grace, kindness, and mercy,
and respite, deliverance, and success, blessing
and salvation, comfort, a livelihood and sustenance,
and mercy and life and peace and everything that is good
and may He never let us lack anything that is good.

* * *

Ha-rachaman hu yimloch aleinu le-olam va'ed.

Ha-rachaman hu yitbarach ba-shamayim uva-aretz.

Ha-rachaman hu yishtabach le-dor dorim
ve-yitpa'eir banu la'ad u'le-neitzach netzachim
ve-yit'adar banu la'ad ule-olmei olamim.

Ha-rachaman hu yefarneseinu be-chavod.

Ha-rachaman hu yishbor uleinu mei'al tzavareinu
ve-hu yolicheinu komemiyut le-artzeinu.

Ha-rachaman hu yishlach berachah merubah ba-bayit ha-zeh
ve-al shulchan zeh she-achalnu alav.

Ha-rachaman hu yishlach lanu et Eiliyahu ha-navi
zachur la-tov
viyvaser lanu besorot tovot yeshuot venechamot.

May the Merciful One rule over us forever.

May the Merciful One be blessed in heaven and on earth.

May the Merciful One be praised for generation upon generation,
and may He be glorified through us forever and ever,
and may He be honored through us eternally.

May the Merciful One grant us an honorable livelihood.

May the Merciful One break the yoke from our neck
and lead us upright to our land.

May the Merciful One send a plentiful blessing on this house
and on this table at which we have eaten.

May the Merciful One send us Elijah the prophet
who is remembered for good
who will bring us good tidings of salvation and comfort.

* * *

Ha-rachaman hu yevareich...

(when eating at one's parents:)
et avi mori ba'al ha-bayit
v'et imi morati ba'alat ha-bayit ha-zeh, otam
ve-et beitam ve-et zaram ve-et kol asher lahem

(for one's hosts:)

et ba'al ha-bayit ha-zeh v'et ba'alat ha-bayit ha-zeh, otam

ve-et beitam ve-et zaram ve-et kol asher lahem

(when eating at home:)

oti ve-et ishti (ba'ali)
ve-et zari ve-et kol asher li

(when eating at one's parents:)
my honored father, the man of this house
and my honored mother, the woman of this house -- them,
and their household, their children and everything that is theirs.

(for one's hosts:)
the man of this house, and the woman of this house -- them,
together with their household, their children and everything that is theirs.

(when eating at home:)
myself, my wife (or husband),
and my children and everything that is mine,

all continue: kol ha-mesubin kan
otanu ve-et kol asher lanu,
kemo she-nitbarchu avoteinu Avraham Yitzhak ve-Yaakov
ba-kol mi-kol kol,

kein yevareich otanu kulanu yachad
biverachah sheleimah
ve-nomar amein.

...and all who are seated here,
us, together with all that is ours,
just as our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
were blessed totally
so may He bless us, all of us together,
with a complete blessing,
and let us say, Amen.

* * *

Ba-marom yelamdu aleihem ve-aleinu
zechut she-tehei le-mishmeret shalom.
Ve-nisa verachah mei-eit Adonai
u-tzedakah mei-Elohei yisheinu.
Ve-nimtza chein ve-seichel tov be-einei Elohim ve-adam.

May a plea be heard on high, for them and for us,
which will result in the security of peace.
So may we receive a blessing from the Lord
and righteousness from the God of our salvation.
So may we find favor and understanding in the sight of God and man.

* * *

On Shabbat:

Ha-rachaman hu yanchileinu yom she-kulo Shabbat
u-menuchah le-chayei ha-olamim.

May the Merciful One bring us the day that will be totally Shabbat
and rest in everlasting life.

* * *

All days, continue:

Ha-rachaman hu yezakeinu liymot ha-moshiach
ule-chayei ha-olam ha-ba.

May the Merciful One make us worthy of the days of the Messiah
and the life of the world to come.

* * *

Migdol yeshuot malko
ve-oseh chesed li-meshicho
le-David ule-zaro ad olam.
Oseh shalom bi-meromav
hu ya'aseh shalom aleinu ve-al kol Yisrael
ve-imru amein.

He brings about great victories for His king

and shows kindness to his anointed one
to David and to his descendants forever.
He who makes peace in His high places,
may He bring about peace for us and for all Israel,
and say, Amen.

* * *

Yeru et Adonai kedoshav
ki ein machsor liyrei'av.
Kefirim rashu ve-ra'eivu
ve-dorshei Adonai lo yachseru chol tov.
Hodu ladonai ki tov
ki le-olam chasdo.
Potei'ach et yadecha u-masbia le-chol chai ratzon.

Baruch ha-gever asher yivtach ba'Adonai
ve-hayah Adonai mivtacho.
Na'ar hayiti gam zakanti
ve-lo ra'iti tzaddik ne'ezav
ve'zaro mevakeish lachem.
Adonai oz le-amo yitein
Adonai yevareich et amo va-shalom.

Stand in awe of the Lord, you who are His holy ones,

for there is nothing lacking to those who stand in awe of Him.
Even young lions suffer want and hunger,
but those who seek the Lord will not lack any good thing.
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good,
for His kindness is everlasting.
You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of all living.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
and who makes the Lord the object of his trust.
I was young and I have become old,
and yet I never overlooked a deserving man who was destitute,
with his children begging for bread.
May the Lord give strength to His people
May the Lord bless his people with peace.

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