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10 Headlines Using Anti-Israel Double Standards

October 15, 2015 | by Staff

Imagine reading this: September 11, 2001 – 18 Saudi Nationals Die in Tragic Plane Accidents.

The Palestinians have launched a new brutal wave of terrorism directed at Israelis and this time the tactic of choice appears to be stabbing attacks. Scores of Israelis have tragically been murdered and as of yet there appears to be no end in sight. As usual, the Palestinians have found willing accomplices in their new terror war: the world media.

One would think that reporting a story about a Palestinian terrorist who begins stabbing innocent Israelis and then is shot by Israeli police should be relatively straightforward. We’re no Associated Press, but how about “Knife Wielding Palestinian Stabs Israeli Bystander; Police Shoot Attacker.” If only it were so easy.

Media outlets around the world are distorting the truth in the current conflict to outlandish proportions. Take a recent October 15th, story in the LA Times for example. The article was reporting a few incidents in one day where Palestinian terrorists stabbed Israeli civilians and police officers. The headline read, “Four Palestinians Killed in Israeli Violence.”

Thankfully there are media watchdog organizations that are doing their best to hold media outlets accountable for such outrageous reporting.

But this got us thinking. What would newspaper headlines look like if the same lack of context, distorted worldview and outright misreporting that are used when reporting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were applied to reporting other historical events. Here’s our take.

10 Headlines Not About Israel Rewritten Using Israel Double Standard

10. September 11, 2001 – 18 Saudi Nationals Die in Tragic Plane Accidents

9. March 18, 2014 – Russian Province Finally Reunited with Russia; Crimean Economy Expected to Flourish

8. April 15, 2013 – Boston Police Kill Marathon Spectator; American Citizen, Originally from Chechnya

7. November 9, 1938 – Glass Broken Throughout Germany; Experts Investigating Causes Including Theory Jewish Shopkeepers Seeking Insurance Monies

6. May 19, 1994 – Former Convicted Felon Elected President of South Africa

5. June 13, 1990 – Vandals Deface Historic Wall Monument in Berlin

4. June 5, 1989 – Chinese Activist Hurt by Tank in Jay Walking Accident in Tiananmen Square

3. Oct 6, 1973: Egyptians, Syrians and Jordanians Choose to Visit Israel During Yom Kippur

2. December 3, 1979 – Ayatollah Khomeini Elected to Head Democratic Republic of Iran; 52 American Embassy Employees Taken to Secluded Iranian All Inclusive Resort

1. May 2, 2011 – Americans Kill Saudi Father While Asleep in His House with Wife and Children in Abbottabad, Pakistan

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