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Top 10 Ways to Meet Your Soul Mate

January 12, 2021 | by Annie Chana Newman

If you’ve been on the dating scene for a while and feel a little stuck, check out these top 10 ways to meet the right one this year.

1. Your dignity and self-confidence are of utmost importance. Don’t accept the belief that you need to do absolutely anything and everything to meet the one. If something feels off or makes you uncomfortable, focus on other methods.

For example, you can tolerate blind dates but hate speed dating. Or someone tells you that you should move to another city because your current location is limiting – you don’t need to take such extreme measures unless it’s something that you actually wanted to do anyway. Some people find single events exciting while others find them awkward and it makes them unhappy to be there.

2. Use the same methods you would to find a job. Network, go to various events, talk to friends, coworkers, family, or use respectable dating apps. If you find online dating sites discouraging, don’t forget that you are only looking for one great match. It’s okay and normal if you feel like 99% of the matches you get don’t seem right because they’re not supposed to be! You can’t marry 100 people.

3. Feel relief that your soul mate is also looking for you; not all the pressure is on you. Nevertheless, take all the action that you can to help them find you.

4. Stop looking for special or romantic ways to meet. It’s better to meet the right one and build a romantic relationship than meeting someone on a flight to Paris and break up a month later.

5. Join a class that interests you. If you like to learn more about cooking, art, business, spirituality, relationships, science or any subject that you enjoy, you can get to meet people with similar values taking the same course.

6. Accept dates with people who are a little different than your type. You may be pleasantly surprised. If you meet someone and feel like they are 100% not for you, move on. If you see though that there is some potential, even if they don’t seem like your ideal, give it a few chances and you might find yourself really appreciating them. If not, tell them politely that it’s not a match and don’t drive them and yourself crazy finding excuses.

7. Make a list of everything you are looking for and then divide it into what you want versus what are for you absolute non-negotiables. Attaining this clarity will help eliminate options that are not appropriate to begin with.

8. Remember that quality always beats quantity. Don’t just accept any date because you were convinced that it’s ‘just going for a coffee.’ Screen the people you meet as much as you can, so you don’t get discouraged and hate dating because of too many disappointing experiences.

9. Don’t just pray to meet the one, pray for the welfare of that person that you are yet to meet! You will feel uplifted, connected to them and comforted even if you haven’t met them yet.

10. Don’t get overwhelmed by social pressure to pair up. Everyone has their time to meet the right one for them and it’s not a competition. Just like you joined a celebration for a friend, God-willing they will eventually join your celebration and in the future you will all join another friend’s celebration.

Cheers to you for a successful search!

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