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The Hidden Story of Queen Esther: A Video Series

February 17, 2013 | by David Fohrman

A startling 6-part series that reveals the profound relevance of Purim.

Unlike most other Jewish Holidays, the story of Queen Esther is about God's hand in what seems like coincidence. But is that the whole story? Wasn't the victory in Esther political rather than spiritual? What lessons are we meant to learn, and how does the story of Purim have an relevance to us? In these short videos, Rabbi Fohrman takes you on a journey of discovery into the text - revealing layers of meaning that are both startling and profound.

Aleph Beta Academy is bringing the words of our sages to life through illustrative video. For additional material, see:

Part 1: Memories


Part 2: Esther – The Accountant


Part 3: We've been sold....again!


Part 4: Brotherly Love


Part 5: Repaying an Old Favor


Part 6: Past, Present & Future



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