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Seven Things Your Wife Really Wants from You (But Doesn't Tell You)

June 25, 2017 | by Bluma Gordon

How to show your wife she’s cherished.

Men and women are so vastly different, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what our spouses want. Here are some ways to show your wife that she is cherished, even though she probably never actually let you in on them.

1. Your complete presence (minus the iPhone)

Your wife wants to know that despite all outside pressures, she still remains a priority. After a long day of being immersed in your own personal business, try to remove all real and mental distractions and give her the full attention she craves and needs.

2. An empathetic ear (minus the Superman cape)

Women don't necessarily talk to solve problems; they talk to be listened to and understood. When your wife is speaking, try to give her the compassion, empathy and attention she needs before instinctively pulling out your superman cape and solving her problems.

3. Open and honest communication (even about your vulnerabilities)

Your partner wants to feel likes she's a real part of your life – even the parts that we don't like to tout about. Speak to your wife about what happened that day. Be honest and open about your thoughts. Pull your feelings off the shelf and air them out a little, at least when you're with your partner.

4. To know that you're thinking of her (like, all the time)

Sounds like a tall order but she's thinking about her family's needs 24/7, so it makes sense that she needs someone doing the same for her. Send your wife small reminders that she's on your mind throughout the day. Give her a random surprise phone call while at work to ask how she's doing. Buy her little gifts or knickknacks once in a while.

5. Your time (minus that iPhone)

A blossoming friendship needs the nourishment of time spent alone. Try to get away from the grind of routine every once in a while, and give your loved one the gift of your time.

6. Recognition and appreciation (Hint: wash the dishes)

Recognize and appreciate all your partner does for you and the family. Show her that you know and care about what's important to her. Verbally acknowledge that she is appreciated. Try to help out with the kids and housework once in a while to show her that you recognize all the work that she puts into the home.

7. Emotional support

Establishing yourself as a partner who is emotionally available and supportive is one of the fundamentals of building your partner's trust. Never run away from or ignore problems, even when the going gets really rough. Be there for her as a supportive shoulder, and weather out the storms together.

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