Saying Goodbye to My Readers

January 30, 2022

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I’ve been with since the very beginning and I’m very grateful to my readers.

Just over 21 years ago,, a brand new Jewish content website decided to take a chance on someone with no known writing experience (except for some dreadful essays in law school that my professor said sounded like a soap opera!). They never looked back.

It’s been an amazing journey, granting me the opportunity to share with you, my dear readers, my musings – about life, marriage, parenting and grandparenting and everything in between, and most importantly about our relationship with God.

I was also granted the privilege of authoring an advice column, Dear Emuna, for many years where, among other things, I hope I helped untold numbers of mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law resolve their differences (it’s definitely made me a better mother-in-law in the process). is in the process of changing its format and focus to double down on reaching a younger, less affiliated audience. I admit, this is not my forte or the crowd I comfortably address. I speak to people who are closer to my age, closer to my life experience. It’s a group that still wants to learn and grow and change – despite our (advancing – but not yet advanced!) age. I hope to find ways to continue to do that, and I’m exploring various options.

I’m grateful for the privilege and obligation of writing a weekly column for all these years. (How did I possibly think of something to say every week?! Secret: only with God’s help.) And I’m grateful to you, my readers, who paid attention, who agreed or and disagreed, but found value in what I had to offer. I will miss you.

I didn’t think I would feel sad saying goodbye. I knew this day was coming and had time to emotionally prepare. I thought I would welcome the freeing up of some time on my calendar but I know I’m going to miss this job, this opportunity, this chance to touch the hearts and minds of others.

I want to thank the staff, particularly the editor-in chief, Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith, for taking a chance on me. I appreciate the effort and time he invested (although maybe not the times he passed on my articles and I had to write a new one!).

I am confident that when this proverbial door shuts, another one will in fact open. Stay tuned. And thanks for everything.

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