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My Aish Story

May 11, 2017 | by Rabbi Jack Kalla

It all began New Year’s eve in a casino in Reno.

My Aish story began New Year’s Eve in a casino in Reno, Nevada.

I was the VIP Services Director and New Year’s Eve was our biggest day. My beeper went off and the PBX operator told me, “Dave Wilstein is on the line.” Dave is my mother’s first cousin and, as I was about to find out, a founding partner in building Aish LA.

Dave heard from my mother that I was getting a little more interested in Judaism and asked if it would be okay if one of Aish LA’s rabbis could call me. “Sure, Dave. But just not tonight!” I told him.

It wasn’t long before I got a call inviting me to a major Aish event in Los Angeles that was followed up with Shabbos experiences and weekly classes that began to transform my view of Judaism. Then I met the legendary philanthropist, Dick Horowitz, who helped me make the decision to leave my Miata behind and head for the hills of Jerusalem.

That was the beginning of a journey that brought me to Aish Jerusalem where I learned more about Judaism than I ever could have imagined… where I met my amazing wife with whom I’m raising five terrific kids… and where I cherish every moment of being able to work with the team sharing Jewish wisdom with millions of readers around the world.

My Aish Story began with one person who cared enough to make a phone call .

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