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Dear Husband

March 12, 2017 | by Miriam (Tara) Eliwatt

This is what I did today. When you read this I will be fast asleep.

Dearest Husband:

I’m sure you’ll be home soon. And I just wanted to give you a heads-up.

Those empty tuna cans from lunch are still strewn across the counter top along with the butter, flour, sugar and vanilla from this morning’s pancakes. Maybe you could get that in order?

Also, there are three pots sitting idly on the stovetop, crowding the burners – one with left over sauce from last night’s meatballs, another with dried up rice stuck to the bottom and a third with the few green remains of broccoli. Sorry about that. The baby was up till 10:30 pm and wasn’t too interested in the dishes.

But don’t worry. Your dinner plate of breaded chicken cutlets is covered with a paper napkin. Just stick it in the microwave. You’re welcome.

One more thing. Tomorrow, I’ll tackle those three baskets outside the laundry room with the wet towels I used to clean up spilt milk this morning and your white t-shirts and exercise pants.

The good news is that I did six loads of laundry today and all the socks are clean in that big white bin in the boys room. You can just dig through the pinks and blues and striped baby socks to find a matching black pair in the morning.

Another thing. Please don’t be concerned by the smell emanating from the bathroom. I’m training your 4-year old to aim for the cheerio and not the wall. He’s struggling with this mechanical maneuver as well as the toilet paper to toilet action. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep up with his technical failures today.

On a positive note, we don’t have a sewage problem.

By the way, the paint on the sliding glass door is water based. A soapy sponge should do the trick.

But don’t you love how our daughter chose red paint which matches perfectly to the hanging mugs in the kitchen? She’s has such a feel for color.

Oh, I don’t want to forget. You might notice that there are no longer pictures hanging in the hallway. As I was carrying the 2-year-old to her room she slid her hand across the wall and knocked them all down. So, don’t walk barefoot over there just in case I didn’t get up all the glass.

Thank God, the pictures are fine and can be reframed in the future.

On a separate note, your 10-year old was experimenting in the kitchen this evening. He made something that looks like a brownie and tastes like a lemon covered in salt. “It’s for Abba,” he said with pride. So please try it. Just ignore all the brown tiles beneath your feet. He had a little accident with the cocoa.

Just to let you know-- even though we got to the dentist twenty minutes late because the baby slipped on orange juice and needed to be changed into dry clothing, the dentist still took one of the kids. The other two have been rescheduled for next month. Remind me to put that in the calendar.

We went food shopping after the dentist appointment – and what a thrill it was to locate those chia seeds you requested. It was worth the extra few dollars (just a bit out of the budget) I spent on snacks to appease the bored children. And did you hear?! The supermarket has stopped doing deliveries, but I got the kids to carry some of the bags into the house. The eight bags of nonperishables are sitting in the trunk for tomorrow.

I’ve locked the door, so make sure you have a key. I’m heading off to bed now. But don’t worry about anything. Just enjoy your dinner.

Thank God, all the children are healthy, happy, and sleeping peacefully under their blankets. (And perhaps more importantly, the cleaning help arrives tomorrow morning at 7:30 am.)

Good night. Sleep well. Your loving wife.

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