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Miriam (Tara) Eliwatt

Miriam (Tara) Eliwatt has an MFA in Playwriting from Columbia University. She has written and directed plays in the Jewish community as well as taught drama to elementary and high school-aged girls. She has performed most recently in the Regal Productions/Zir Chemed musical productions in Israel. She works as a freelance writer and editor.

What Happened to Time?

When I was a kid, I wanted everything to hurry up. Now I can’t slow it down.

Dear Husband

This is what I did today. When you read this I will be fast asleep.

Fire: Prepare to Evacuate

In Mevo Horon, evacuation during Shabbat appeared imminent.

My Husband’s Brain Tumor

God is listening, even when I mumble.

My Dreams and Mid-Life Crisis

My mother used to say that nothing is engraved in stone. But that’s not true. Our life is full of engravings.

Aliyah Chronicles #10: The Next Move

In Israel, our willingness to take risks have grown.

Miracles Happen Here: Aliyah Chronicles #9

61 years after Israel's birth as a nation, miracles continue to happen here.

Aliyah Chronicles #8: Our First Six Months

We've come a long way.

Aliyah Chronicles #7: Assertive Israelis

Israel is not always an easy place. But when it's good, it's really good.

My First War: The Aliyah Chronicles #6

Missile threat in New Jersey? Is this really happening to my life?

The Aliyah Chronicles #5: My American Children in Israel

Moving to Israel has been a great lesson in parenting.

Running Out of Gas: The Aliyah Chronicles #4

My terrifying moment as a new immigrant with minimal Hebrew language skills.

Transient Souls: The Aliyah Chronicles #3

Moving to Israel is a daunting, if not a downright crazy task to accomplish.

The Aliyah Chronicles: Saying Good-Bye

You can't transport to Israel all the piles of stuff that have defined your life for so long. What stays and what goes?

Unstuck: The Aliyah Chronicles

Move to Israel? Are you nuts?

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