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Bring Home the Remaining Jews in Ethiopia

May 6, 2018 | by Rabbi Aaron Katsof

Meet some of the last remaining Jews in Ethiopia who are yearning to come home to Israel.

The last remaining 8000 Jews of Ethiopia are longing to finally return home to Israel. Even though they have been there for over 20 centuries, their faith has grown deeper and their longing to return home has only gotten stronger.

They pray the same prayers the Jews pray around the world, they keep Shabbat, observe family purity laws, and eat only kosher.

And they live in unbearable poverty. One family will live in a mud room with no running water, bathroom, or power. The average salary is about $3 for a full day’s work, and they are far away from any conventional medicine.

At the same time, they walk around with big smiles on their face, happy and satisfied. And you will hear one mantra over and over: “This year in Jerusalem, Beezrat Hashem"

Israel has already made a decision to bring them all back to Israel, but it is been on hold for a couple of years now because of bureaucracy and budget issues.

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