About the Author

Elana Shap

Elana Shap is a journalist and content writer specializing in culinary topics. She is passionate about old Jewish cookbooks, personal family recipes, as well as keeping up with culinary trends through Instagram and travel to many parts of the world. She was born in South Africa and has lived in Israel for the last 30 years.

How This 6 Generation Bread Baker Brought Back Israel’s Ancient Grains

How Hagay ve’ha lehem is turning old grains into new breads.

Biblical Foods are Making a Comeback

Going back to a 3500 year old diet.

Ashishim Pancakes

Now you can eat like King Solomon in your own home.

How Instagram Brought Back This Nostalgic Soup

Borscht is making a comeback, here’s why.

Change the Pace of Your Busy Life Through Foraging

Foraging helps you slow down, get in touch with your senses and connect with the land.

Back to The Basics with The Challah Prince

Beauty is in the simple things in life.

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