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Ilana Kendal

Ilana Kendal is a Registered Occupational Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist, writer and sought-after international lecturer, drawing diverse audiences from around the globe. In her therapy practice, she sees adults and adolescents grappling with mood disorders, eating disorders and life transitions. Her writing can be found (some under her maiden name Rubenstein) on Aish.com, Kveller.com, Chabad.com and Nashim magazine. She is the author of Choosing Up: Elevating the Everyday.  

When Bob Saget Wrote Me a Letter and Rocked My World

The kind actor personally responded to my letter and taught me a valuable lesson that I’ve always remembered.

Dandelion: Flower Versus Weed

When we embrace both the flaws and the beauty, we discover that some things in life are both flower and weed.

Talking to Your Kids About Rising Anti-Semitism

Six tools to respond to our children’s fear.

Leonard Cohen & Facing the Darkness

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

A True Jewish Baseball Hero

Meet the most inspiring player of this World Series season.

Cool Girls

They say you never really leave high school. I think you can.

God Winking

Showing up to the imperfect unpredictable mess of life.

Can I Really Change the World?

How one small act can trigger movement across generations.

Shattered and Whole

Being Jewish means dancing with the conflicting combination of pain and joy.

Half a Mother

Accepting the gift of single motherhood.

Soup Kitchen Chaos

We are all hungry for something.

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