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Rachel Ginsberg

Rachel Ginsberg writes for Jewish publications in Israel and the United States.

Revealing The Soul of an Artist

By his mid-twenties celebrity photographer Jared Bernstein was part of the inner circle of rock stars, actors, and real estate moguls. Why did he walk away from it all?

Gush Katif: Seven Months Later

Amidst unemployment, poverty and uncertainty, the displaced residents of Gush Katif are somehow trying to rebuild their lives.

The Bomb Squad

Jerusalem's front line of defense.

Reclaiming Biblical Jerusalem

The world of archeology is rocked by evidence of King David's palace unearthed in Jerusalem.

Sharing God's Work

Dr. Brooks leads the way along the turbulent journey into the world of fertility science.

The Transformer

Professor Reuven Feuerstein has changed the lives of thousands of disabled children around the world.

We Are All Brothers

Imagine a dream where you discover that your best friend is really your brother. For Lior Alhanati, it was no dream.

The Executioner

Shalom Nagar sprung the gallows under Adolf Eichmann over 40 years ago. To this day the scene plays itself over and over in minute detail.

Carrots Don't Cry

Doctors said that Marsi Tabak would remain in a persistent vegetative state for the rest of her life. With tireless dedication and a warehouse of faith, her husband proved them wrong.

Lost and Found In the Great Outdoors

Teenagers learn to reconnect with God and themselves in the wilderness.

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