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The First Jewish President...and his Mother

July 23, 2009 | by

The first Jewish president calls up his mother and invites her over for Passover. Characteristically, his mother immediately begins complaining.

"Oiy, I'll need to book a flight and it's going to cost so much - it is just too much of a bother."

Her son counters, "Mom! I'm the President! I'll hire a private jet for you!

"Oiy, I'll need to catch a taxi and carry my luggage. It's just too much!"

"Mom! I'm the President! I'll pick you up in my limo! Then my guards will carry your luggage for you!"

"Oiy, I'll need to book a hotel."

"Mom! Don't be ridiculous! I'm the President! You can stay at the White House!"

"Okay, fine," she finally acquiesces. Two minutes later her friend Sophie, calls.

"So, Miriam, what's new?"

"Oiy, I'm going to my son for Pesach."

"Who, the doctor?"

"No, the other one."

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