Torah Teasers Parshat Vayeira

October 14, 2012

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Vayeira (Genesis 18-22 )

1. Where is butter mentioned in this parsha? In what context is butter mentioned in the Prophets?

Avraham serves butter to the angels (Genesis 18:8). In the book of Judges, Yael serves butter to Sisra (Shoftim 5:25).

2. In this parsha, who is referred to as being "elderly" with the expression Zaken or Zekainim? (4 answers)

The Torah refers to both Avraham and Sarah as "elderly" (Genesis 18:11). Later on, the Torah describes the crowd that converged on Lot's house as ranging "from young to old" (Genesis 19:4). Lastly, the daughters of Lot called their father a Zakein (Genesis 19:31).

3. In this parsha, which two people question Hashem about killing a tzaddik (righteous person)?

Avraham asks Hashem if He will kill the tzaddikim of Sodom (Genesis 18:25). Avimelech also asks Hashem if He will kill a tzaddik (referring to himself for not touching Sarah) (Genesis 20:4).

4. In this parsha, which two people make a Mishteh - "a feast"?

Lot makes a feast for the angels (Genesis 19:3), and Avraham makes a feast when Yitzhak is weaned (21:8).

5. Where is salt mentioned in this parsha? When is the next time that salt is mentioned in the Torah?

Lot's wife turns around and becomes "a pillar of salt" (Genesis 19:26). Salt is not mentioned again until Leviticus 2:13 with regard to the salt required for korbonot.

6. Aside from the book of Genesis, where else do the cities of Sodom and Amora appear in the Torah?

The song in Parshat Ha'azinu mentions Sodom and Amora (Deut. 32:32).

7. In this parsha, who became intoxicated with wine? What other two people in the book of Genesis became drunk?

Lot became drunk after the destruction of Sodom and Amora (Genesis 19:33). Also, Noach became drunk after the Flood (Genesis 9:21), and the brothers became drunk after bringing Benyamin to see Yosef (Genesis 43:34).

8. With regard to which events does the Torah state that Avraham "arose early in the morning"? (3 answers) Who else in this parsha arose early in the morning?

Avraham arose early to look at what happened to Sodom (Genesis 19:27), to send away Hagar and Yishmael (Genesis 21:14), and to travel to the Akeida (Genesis 22:3). In this parsha, Avimelech also "arose early in the morning" to consult with his advisors after Hashem tells him in a dream that Avraham is married to Sarah (Genesis 20:8).

9. Which two people give the same exact gifts to each other?

When Avimelech returns Sarah, he gives to Avraham sheep and cattle (Genesis 20:14). Later in the parsha when the two make a treaty, Avraham gives Avimelech the same gift of sheep and cattle (Genesis 21:27).

10. In this parsha, what happens "on the third day"? What other events in the book of Genesis happen "on the third day"? (4 answers)

The binding of Yitzhak occurs on the third day of their journey to the land of Moriah (Genesis 22:4). Lavan is informed after three days that Yaakov has run away (Genesis 31:22). Shimon and Levi wipe out the city of Shchem on the third day after the circumcision of the residents (Genesis 34:25). Pharaoh makes a birthday party on the third day after the butler's and baker's dreams (Genesis 40:20). Yosef lets his brothers out of jail on the third day of their imprisonment (Genesis 42:18).
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