Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life

Ilana Muhlstein, author and influencer with 2 million followers, lost 100 pounds and shares her secret.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself This Rosh Hashanah

Questions to help you reconnect to your life’s purpose, clarify your goals, and passionately embrace this upcoming new year.

Rick and Morty’s Jewish Philosophy Lessons

The hit show’s latest episode takes a deep dive into some fundamental Jewish concepts.

Ask Yourself the First Question in Recorded History

Each moment of life asks you who you are being right now. If you don't like the answer – change it.

Jewish Mourning and Loss

On their way to pay a shiva call, Hanan wonders what can he say to comfort the mourner.

How Do You Know You Have Free Will?

Free will is a pillar of Judaism. Here are three approaches to know that you have agency.

A Gold Medal for Integrity

Yuval Levi, 17 faced his biggest life decision: represent his country on the world stage in a make or break game, or represent his people’s most dearly held value.

Why I Took My Family Back to the NICU

My kids received an unforgettable lesson in gratitude.

5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Spiritual Growth

With the High Holidays around the corner, this is the best time of year to shake things up.

Perfecting the Art of Longing: A Poet’s Meditation

A husband, father and quadriplegic survivor of a brainstem stroke longs for love and connection.

Getting the Courage to Face Your Fears

Removing fear from the equation is the secret ingredient to resilience.

My Precarious Self-Esteem

I’ve learned the hard way what happens when you define your worth by what you do.

Every Night, Forgive Yourself and Others

Because the longer you hold on negativity, guilt and anger, the heavier they weigh on your heart.

Will Smith’s Apology

Insights on how to make an effective apology.

Lizzy Savetsky’s Personal Battle Against Alcoholism

On the outside, the successful social media influencer’s life seemed perfect. Inside, it was imploding.

Your Self-Worth Is Being Messed Up by Ads and Social Media

Don't be deceived. That image is only a fraction of the picture.

Survivor of Bergen Belsen and the Munich Olympics, and Award-Winning Athlete

Professor Shaul Ladany shows the world that nothing is unreachable.

Judaism's Advice on How to Best Start Your Day

Make "thank you" the first words out of your mouth.

Carl Sagan and the Freedom to Doubt

At the intersection of science and public policy, nothing is more hazardous than dogmatism enforced through the squelching of dissenting attitudes.

The Radical Act of Fasting

In a world filled with immediacy and indulgence, the countercultural act of fasting teaches us how to temper our most immediate urges.

Why Being Firstborn is a Blessing and a Curse

My struggle to find and embrace who I really am.

What Happened to the Truth?

Destroying lives through false accusations, innuendo and distortions has never been easier.

Time Is Your Precious Commodity

There's never enough time to do everything, but there's always enough time to do the important things.

Why Can't They Just Say Thank You?

Why people have such a hard time saying thanks.

Margaritas and Coffee: A Love Story

Figuring out your life’s purpose is a lot like figuring out how you like your margaritas and coffee. Finding your favorite bartender helps.

The Warrior Within: Overcoming Life's Challenges with Addicted Parents

Margalit Romano knows firsthand that there’s no such thing as a quick fix.

Life After the Miracle

Even with the answered prayers, it’s messy and wonderful and exciting and boring. It’s life – with all the ups and downs and unceasing challenges.

Looking In, Not Out

Maybe we don’t have to travel so far afield to find balance and mindfulness.

Drop Your Armor: Don't Be Afraid to Be You

The inspiring reason behind the army's salute.

The Wholeness of Being Broken

What I learned from being honest about my struggle with alcohol.

Pain is a Reality; Suffering is a Choice

My grappling with God in the aftermath of my daughter’s sickness and subsequent passing at age 14.

One Drink Too Many: My Journey of Breaking Free from Alcohol

The moment I realized that alcohol was taking far more from me than it was giving.

Judaism and the Multiverse

Insights from the film Everything Everywhere All at Once.

I’m Sorry to Inform You

Overwhelmed with the news of four deaths in one week.

On the Death of Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein

Through his own pain and difficulties, and his genuine love for everyone, Rabbi Wallerstein illuminated our own path to building a relationship with God.

The Mystical Power of Hebrew Letters

The meaning of the Hebrew alphabet’s first two letters.

Ten Rules for Living Your Best Life

Time-honored practices and mental exercises to help you be your best self.

Do You Have the Necessary Grit to Cross Your Red Sea?

Passover relives the moment when the Jewish nation were all in.

Four Ways to Find Freedom and Expansiveness Amidst Our Blessings and Adversities

Learning how to run towards, instead of away, from our challenges.

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