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Short Bedtime Coloring Story: Forgetful Fanny

May 14, 2020 | by Avital Rosenfeld and Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

A short bedtime story and coloring book on the value of remembering.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a little girl named Fanny. Since Fanny kept forgetting things, sometimes her friends and family called her Forgetful Fanny.

“Mommy, did you see my box of crayons?” Fanny called out to her mother on Sunday. “I can’t find them anywhere and I need the blue crayon to finish coloring the sky.”

“How should I know where you put them,” her mother answered her. “Try to remember where you left them after you finished coloring last time.”

On Tuesday, Fanny went upstairs to get ready for bed. But suddenly she ran downstairs to her mother.

“Oh, no! Mommy! I forgot my doll carriage outside in the backyard! And it’s too dark for me to go down now and get it. Please, please, please get it for me! I’m so sorry.”

“I’ll go this time,” answered her mother. “But I hope that you will try harder to remember things in the future, and not forget so many things.”

“What is this?!” asked Fanny’s older brother David as he came inside the house. He was holding up a wet, mud-soaked doll by her long yikky yellow hair.

“Fanny,” said Mommy. “Look what happened to your favorite, beautiful new doll! It rained a lot last night. Did you forget, and leave her outside in the backyard all night?

What a pity. She’s a mess now.”…

Poor dolly. And poor Fanny.

After that, Fanny really did try not to forget anything.

But can you guess what really helped her remember not to forget things?

Fanny’s very best friend Sarah and her family had invited Fanny to go with them to a huge amusement-theme park in a city near-by. Fanny and Sarah were so excited!

But Fanny forgot to ask her mother for permission to go, so she didn't know that her mother had made an important dentist appointment for Fanny on that exact same day. And they could no longer change it.

That meant that Forgetful Fanny had to go to the dentist instead of to the amusement park with her friend!

That night Sarah called Fanny to tell her all about their trip to the amusement park.

The trip was really great, but Sarah had missed Fanny. And Fanny had missed the fun of going with Sarah and her family. Poor Fanny.

But now Fanny really understands how important it is not to forget things.

She knows now that you can lose out an awful lot by forgetting things.

And so now Fanny really tries hard to remember everything.

In fact, Fanny even asked Mommy to help her write out a list of the things that Fanny needs to remember every day on a piece of paper [or to draw little pictures of it] so that Fanny can look at that list and it will help her remember what she needs to remember to do that day. And that list really did help.

Now Fanny almost never forgets things, because she looks at her list of things to do at least once or twice a day.

Forgetful Fanny is now Not-Forgetful Fanny.

And she, and all of her friends and family, are much happier.

What Do You Think:

  • Why do you think Fanny kept forgetting things?
  • What two things did you forget lately, that you really wish you had remembered?
  • How did forgetting those things affect you and/or your parents or friends?
  • What three things can you think of to do, that would help you to remember things in the future?

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