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August 20, 2011 | by

I've been having a strong desire to pray every day. I've been basically making up my own prayers. But I figure I should probably see what the traditional Jewish prayer book has to offer. (After all, it has served us well for millennia.) Is there are particular edition that you can recommend?

The Aish Rabbi Replies

As far as commentary and instruction on Jewish prayer, nothing comes close to the ArtScroll Siddur ( The prayers are translated into modern English by top-rate Jewish scholars, who understand the subtleties of the Hebrew language and have a great knowledge of Talmudic sources.

More than just a text of the prayers, this includes full explanations of all prayers, laws and customs. It features a masterful essay on the essence of prayer. It includes special prayers for the holidays and lifecycle events.

The ArtScroll Siddur also comes in a transliterated version. And there is also an amazing "inter-linear" edition which enables you to pray in the original Hebrew, while following along the English translation.

See it online at:

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