God's Unconditional Love: A Meditation

January 8, 2020

7 min read


Imagine being loved so deeply that every part of you is known, cherished and held.

To so many people, it seems unbelievable that God actually loves us. Could I really be intrinsically worthy and be loved?

It is God's great desire that we know of His love. The more we deepen our experience of this, the more our life comes alive. This video recording is a tiny taste of God’s love for us.

Feeling God's love is a journey. It is the undoing of decades of programming that tells you that you are not enough, you are not loved, you are not anything special.

But you are. You truly are.

I invite you to listen in and to notice how it feels to be unconditionally loved. Then, when the video is over, you can sit for a minute, look around and notice what would it feel like to always know that this love is streaming into you. How would life be different?

The text to the audio is below, as well as a link to many Torah sources that underscore this idea. This is not a mere feel-good exercise. It is the core of what it means to believe in God. It is the fuel of our life Enjoy!

For Torah sources, click here.

Graphic artwork by Yoram Raanan

Text from the video:

To My Precious One,

Do you know how much I love you? I have loved you since the beginning of time. I will love you until the end of time. There is not one part of you that I don’t love.

I love your smile, your laugh. I love your fears and your sadness. I love your mistakes and I love your humanity.

My darling child. I made you from My very love for you. You are a piece of me. In you, I see magnificence, power, sensitivity and caring. In you I see nobility of spirit and generosity. I see how you give everything you can in every situation. I see how you blame yourself when you can’t give what you want to. I wish you wouldn't do that. Please know that I know that you are doing the best you can with what you have.

You are on a journey and the journey includes all kinds of roadblocks and limitations. I placed them there. Each one is designed to help you slow down and to look inwards and upwards towards Me.

All I desire is to give to you. All I long for is your closeness. In every situation, you have a choice - to look towards me or away from me. Please look towards me. I have so much I want to give you. I have sent you into a world filled with flowers, trees, and sunshine. I have placed you in a palace of growth and opportunity.

Every day when you wake up I look forward to seeing you, to hearing from you, I lovingly place your soul back in your body and anticipate the wonderful things that you will do with the gift of life each day.

Do you know how your smile lights up the world? When you smile at another your radiance warms their hearts and ignites the heavens to a shower of mercy. When My children love one another, my love for them is ever greater.

How dear are your efforts to me! I know that you struggle. For you are a soul - a beautiful holy soul sent on a mission to create light in a world that seems dark. Your mission is to create beauty from pain and to become selfless and giving in a reality that tries to tell you otherwise.

I see everything. I know everything. I know the secrets of your heart and how you try. I know the small subtle acts of kindness that you do and I celebrate them. I honor your tears of frustration for the warrior that you are.

You are a magnificent creation. Your beauty overwhelms me. Your essence is holiness and purity. Your greatness is like the sun. You are full of light and love and goodness and though you don’t always know this I do.

You may at times think that a difficult life means that I am not nearby. This is a mistake. Please know this. God is close to the brokenhearted. You, who suffer - You are my exalted ones. You know pain and therefore have compassion. You know struggle and therefore have humility. You know loneliness and therefore have kindness. You look out for the one who feels left out.

I have not given you pain to hurt you. I never want to hurt you. I love you with all of my being for now and for eternity. I gave it to you because I know who you are. You are a soul destined for greatness. You are one that I count on to bring kindness to My world. I love you for it. I love who you are and I want to be close to you. When you cry I cry with you.

My child do you know how I take pleasure in your thanks? When you thank Me I know that You have received My love. That you have received the gifts that I am sending You. Your gratitude brings me joy. I want to give you more and more gifts and I relish the way that you delight in them and turns towards Me with an open heart to receive.

Please don't ever doubt your lovability. You are beloved. More precious than pearls and gems. Your deeds build the universe. Your good intentions bring healing and light. Your belovedness is intrinsic. It's who you are and I cannot get enough of you. Every minute I want to give you more and more. Every second I want you to know of My love.

Please look and see. Please notice all the gifts of love I am sending your way and open your arms to receive. Divine Providence is nothing more than Me saying I love you. I want everything to work out for you.

My Dear, In your service for me, please be gentle on yourself. If you have done something that is not right, you can fix it and move on. If you have caused pain, you can apologize and move on. If you need to work on your character, you can work on it. But through all the fixing and work that you do, please never once think that you have fallen out of My favor. I love you no matter what. I only want what's best for you and believe in your exaltedness.

I want your Teshuva so that you can return to who you are meant to be. It's for you, my dear, for you. For you to be proud of yourself and to align with me. As for me, my love is constant. It never changes no matter what you do. I watch you work and I am in awe of you.

You are not only beloved, you are worthy.

Worthy of love. Worthy of gifts. Worthy of friendship, worthy of receiving help. Please, My Dear, accept the love that I send you through human messengers. Accept the opportunities to give and to share, knowing that I believe in you. You are worthy of all things good. Any shame you carry is a space within you that My love is not felt.

I want to fill you completely with My love.

I want to wrap you in its comfort and blanket you in warmth I want to bring you surprises and delights and miracles. I love you I love you I love you and I will never leave you.

With Everlasting Love,
Your Father in Heaven

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