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My Life: A Meditation

April 4, 2012 | by Sara Serkez

It’s mine. Not yours, not hers, not his. It’s mine.

My life. It’s mine. Not yours, not hers, not his. It’s mine.

My life. It belongs to me. It is my identity. It is who I am, who I was and who I will be. It is the reality that I live in. The place in which I am today. It is the person who I was; and who I have become. God gave me my life. He handpicked it just for me. When He looked at my soul before I was brought into this world, He decided.

He decided who I would be born to. He decided what my talents would be. What I would look like. He decided what my challenges in life would be, and what would come easy. When a cry came out of my mouth as the first breath of life filled my body, I was chosen.

I was chosen to be put into my mothers hands. I was chosen to be given my strengths. I was chosen to be given my family. And I was chosen to be given my life.

Life. What a word. So vague, yet so meaningful. A word that means something different to each person. Something so special that it makes us laugh when given and cry when lost. Something that we need in order to survive every day.

Every day. Another part of my life unfolds. It is part of a master plan. I may not understand, but I can try to accept- even when things get tough.

Life can be tough. It is filled with drops on this scary roller coaster that we live on. But I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that there will be a time when the coaster will chug upwards again. That although my stomach drops with each challenge, it is in reality, a piece of a puzzle.

My life is a puzzle. Pieces I don’t understand. As the years pass and time goes on the picture starts to look more and more complete. Yet there are still pieces missing. Things I can’t comprehend. Though limited to my understanding, these pieces are really the colors that make up a beautiful painting.

My life is a painting. A work of art and God is the artist. As life continues strokes of paint are added to the masterpiece. Sometimes things look grey. At times I am living in an array of colors; other times it seems as if water has smudged the painting, leaving it far from picture perfect.

Perfect. Our lives so very far from it. I have learned that perfect is not a reality in life. Society leads us to believe that our lives should be faultless, but that is not the truth. We need challenges. Without them no one would change or grow.

Grow. What we were brought into this world to do. What personal difficulties can bring us to. What leads us to become the person that we aim to be. What gives me hope to continue. Because I know that no matter what comes my way, it is an opportunity to grow into a better person. If I believe.

Believe. I believe that I was put here for a reason. I believe that I was given my life for a reason. I believe that no one else can ever be me. I believe that life will go on. I believe that God has a master plan and I play the lead role in the drama of my life.

My life. It’s mine. Not yours, not hers, not his. It’s mine.

Your life. It’s yours. Not mine, not hers, not his. It’s yours.


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