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Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir, Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem

Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir is Research Director at the Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem (www.besr.org). He studied at Harvard, received a PhD in Economics from MIT, and rabbinic ordination from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. Prior to moving to Israel, he worked at the Council of Economic Advisers in the Reagan administration. Rabbi Dr. Meir is also a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Jerusalem College of Technology and has published several articles on business, economics and Jewish law. He is the author of the two-volume, "Meaning in Mitzvot (Feldheim), and his Aish.com columns form the basis of the "Jewish Ethicist" book (ktav.com).

Over the Rainbow

Exploring the meaning of the blessing recited upon seeing a rainbow.

The Jewish Ethicist: Overtime for Lost Time

Can an employer demand overtime when vacation days disrupt routine?

The Jewish Ethicist: Supplier Struggle

Is it unethical to play suppliers against each other to get the lowest bid possible?

The Jewish Ethicist: New Year: Time for Spiritual Accounting

What the world of business can teach us about our annual process of repentance and renewal.

Blogging Ethics II

Is the blogger responsible for defamatory posts?

The Jewish Ethicist: Racial Profiling II

A remarkable story in the Talmud relates to issues of racial profiling.

The Jewish Ethicist: Spirit, Sport, and Steroids

Should athletes use artificial means to go higher, faster and stronger?

The Jewish Ethicist: Blogging Ethics

Can I fire an employee who criticizes the company in a blog?

The Jewish Ethicist: Peer Pressure

How can I buck my colleagues' efforts to discourage me from losing weight?

The Jewish Ethicist: Refugee Redux

Is there a responsibility to provide care to illegal immigrants?

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