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Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir, Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem

Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir is Research Director at the Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem (www.besr.org). He studied at Harvard, received a PhD in Economics from MIT, and rabbinic ordination from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. Prior to moving to Israel, he worked at the Council of Economic Advisers in the Reagan administration. Rabbi Dr. Meir is also a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Jerusalem College of Technology and has published several articles on business, economics and Jewish law. He is the author of the two-volume, "Meaning in Mitzvot (Feldheim), and his Aish.com columns form the basis of the "Jewish Ethicist" book (ktav.com).

The Jewish Ethicist: Accepting Responsibility for Mistakes

Even the Jewish Ethicist needs to make some corrections and clarifications.

The Jewish Ethicist: Phony Collect Calls

When you're stuck at the pizzeria with no ride home and no money to make a call, calling the operator may seem like the best solution.

The Jewish Ethicist: Money-Back Guarantee

I'm no longer "completely satisfied" with the now-frayed sweater I purchased two years ago. Can I return it?

The Jewish Ethicist: Job Referrals

Ethical guidelines on what to say and what's proper to keep to yourself.

The Jewish Ethicist: How Old Is S/HE

Is it ethical to lie about someone's age for the purpose of dating?

The Jewish Ethicist: Playing Hooky

Is there anything wrong with cutting class once in a while?

The Jewish Ethicist: Religious Disclosure

Does one have to tell a prospective employer that he keeps Shabbat? Is it permissible for a man to remove his kippah?

The Jewish Ethicist: Embellishing Your Resume

Is it okay to stretch the truth a bit to increase your chances of getting a job interview?

The Jewish Ethicist: Chat Room Charades

Is it ethical to assume a false identity online in order to promote your product?

The Jewish Ethicist: Ethical Stealing?

On stealing money to collect a debt, and making up time for a job that requires no real work.

The Jewish Ethicist: Unethical Moral Leaders

Despite their heavy responsibility to be good examples, spiritual leaders have the same human impulses as everyone else.

The Jewish Ethicist: Personal Phone Calls

Is it ethical to break company policy if no one, including top management, keeps it anyway?

The Jewish Ethicist: Age and Independence

It's wrong to give so much that we become dependent on the public.

The Jewish Ethicist: In Case of Emergency

I don't want to give my money to charity – I might need it one day.

The Jewish Ethicist: Custodian

My mother is incapacitated. Should I be giving charity from her income?

The Jewish Ethicist: Borderline Poor

For poor families, some special expenses can be considered charity.

The Jewish Ethicist: Tainted Money

Charities should not accept donations tainted by wrongdoing

The Jewish Ethicist: Witness for Hire, Part 2

Expert witnesses may not slant their testimony with an eye to future business.

The Jewish Ethicist: Witness for Hire, Part I

The legal system should mitigate incentives for slanted expert testimony

The Jewish Ethicist: Warehouse and Home

You can get rid of supplies left in your house, but do it thoughtfully.

The Jewish Ethicist: Seeking Lost Owner

Lost object? Seek a forum likely familiar to the unknown owner.

The Jewish Ethicist - Is It Charity?

Kindness to others shouldn't be limited to the poor and needy.

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