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Rabbi Ron Jawary

Rabbi Ron Jawary was born in Melbourne, Australia and majored in economics and law at Melbourne University. He then studied Jewish law and philosophy at Aish Hatorah in Jerusalem and was ordained as a Rabbi in 1981. He began teaching Talmud and Jewish law at the Sephardic Study Center in Jerusalem, and spent the next number of years as a Rabbi at Aish Hatorah. In 1989, he became the Director and educator at Aish Hatorah Sydney. Moving to Los Angeles in 1991, Rabbi Jawary began teaching at YULA and Shalhevet high schools as well as the Executive Learning division of Aish LA. Presently, Rabbi Jawary enjoys educating and learning with the Executive Learning members, and giving classes to young professionals alike. Rabbi Jawary lives in LA with his wife Beth. They have 7 children and 5 grandchildren.

Parsha: Choosing Life This Rosh Hashana

The shofar wakes us up from living on auto-pilot.

Parsha: Desert Roots

Righteous people stay rooted to their eternal values.

Parsha: The Snake in the Middle

Why is the word snake right in the middle of the Torah?

Parsha: Take Out the Garbage

First discard yesterday's garbage, then tackle the day.

Parsha: Mirrors in the Temple

We can't enter God's presence without first taking a fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

Parsha: Engraved on Both Sides

Truth is always staring at us right in the face.

Parsha: Controlling Time

As free people, the first mitzvah shows that we control our own time and destiny.

Parsha: About Hanukkah

Why the Menorah is the holiday’s fitting symbol.

Parsha: The Private Battle

Our true test is how honest we are with ourselves.

Parsha: Don't Look Back

Don’t get stuck in the past.

Parsha: Developing Gratitude

We don’t know what we’ve got ‘til it’s got.

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