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December 23, 2010

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The articles and videos you don't want to miss.

Chelsea, Haiti, Avatar, Chilean Miners and Gaza Flotilla - 2010 was a year of fast-breaking news. And was there every step of the way to provide a unique Jewish perspective.

We've selected our best articles and videos from 2010 and present them here as a retrospective. Let's hope that next year's news is all good.

Top 10 Articles of 2010

1. Marc and Chelsea's Wedding
by Rabbi Avram Rothman
Marc Mezvinsky's intermarriage is the result of our inaction.
2. Haiti & Israel
by Rabbi Benjamin Blech
Why Israel gives humanitarian aid whether or not it is appreciated or acknowledged.
3. The Life and Death of Yoseph Robinson
by Jenny Hazan
Angels can be created by human beings. My father taught me how.
4. The Jewish View of Marriage
by Rabbi Dan Silverman
Three ingredients of a successful marriage.
5. Avatar and the Jews
by Rabbi Benjamin Blech
The connections with Torah and Hebrew words are just too frequent and striking to be accidental.
6. Eat, Pray, Love, Then What?
by Sara Yoheved Rigler
Why marriage matters. A Jewish response to Liz Gilbert’s new bestseller.
7. Dear Emuna: My Overweight Wife
by Emuna Braverman
Help! I no longer find my wife attractive.
8. A Button's Life
by Rabbi Yaakov Salomon
Everyone has a mission in life. But what about me?
9. Secondary Infertility
by Rachel Fayga bas Hinda
I am sharing my story so others won't travel this road alone.
10. Time Magazine, Anti-Semitism and Israel
by Yvette Alt Miller
Their cover story promotes a sickening trope that harms all Jews.


Top 10 Videos of 2010

1. Israel: Defying the Odds
by Rabbi Ephraim Shore
Amazing facts about Israel.
2. My Syrian Friend
by Aish HaTorah
What is the essence of friendship?
3. Suicide Activists on the Gaza Flotilla
by Rabbi Shraga Simmons
Why initiate a violent confrontation with the Israeli army?
4. Burn Your Bridge
by Charlie Harary
How to tap into your potential.
5. Hating Israel on Facebook
by Staff
Stop the hate pages on Facebook.
6. Rosh Hashana: The Tipping Point
by Aryeh Sobel and
Make this Jewish new year extraordinary.
7. Dancing Under the Gallows
by Alice the Movie
Meet Alice. Aged 106, the oldest living Holocaust survivor.
8. Completely Unbiased News
by Staff
The "Settlement Freeze" may be over, but the media bias isn't.
9. Heroes of Israel: Bankrupting Terror
Nitsana Darshan-Leitner is the voice of the victims.
10. Halloween Is Not Our Holiday
by Lori Palatnik
Why my kids don't feel they're missing out.

Runner-Up Articles

An Open Letter to Chelsea
True Romance
Emotional Infidelity
From Jesus to Judaism
My Son the Doctor-Murderer
A Leftist Speaks Out
Beauty Industry Vs. Modesty
My Mixed Jewish-Arab Identity
Soul Shyne

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