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Hating Israel on Facebook

May 12, 2010 | by staff

Arabs try to launch a third Intifada. Stop the hate on Facebook.

Update: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 – Justice triumphs again! Due to the efforts of and other concerned individuals and organizations, Facebook has now deleted the group "Third Intifada" from its website. Free speech has its limits, and Facebook cannot be used to launch a terror war against Israel. This shows that activism does make a difference.

But the fight is not over. Palestinian groups are simply playing cat-'n-mouse, posting the "Third Intifada" page elsewhere on Facebook. Beyond this, Facebook still has dozens of groups calling for violence against Israel and the killing of Jews. (see video below)

Sign the petition below, calling on Facebook to remove this hatred and violence!

Click here if you are unable to view this video.


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