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No Room to Maneuver

July 23, 2009 | by

Moishe has a problem, so like any good chassid, he goes to visit his Rebbe.

Moishe: Rebbe, my apartment is very crowded. Besides me and my wife, there are also my children and my mother-in-law. I don't have enough room! What should I do?

Rebbe: Bring a goat into the house and let him live with you.

Moishe: But Rebbe, there's no room for a goat.

Rebbe: Bring a goat in the house, I tell you!

In a month's time, Moishe returns to the Rebbe.

Moishe: Rebbe, things are much worse now. With the goat in the apartment there is no place to move.

Rebbe: So get rid of the goat!

The next day, Moishe returns to Rebbe smiling.

Moishe: Thank you, thank you Rebbe. All of the sudden, our apartment is huge.

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