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May 9, 2009 | by Zelig Pliskin

A list of brief meditations that can have a profound impact on your life.

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We create our world by the thoughts we choose to focus on. When we focus on thoughts of gratitude, we become more grateful. Our consistent gratitude will create a joyful life. Focusing on the kindness of our Creator and realizing that the Creator is constantly before us elevates and enhances our spirituality and the entire quality of our life.

I have gathered a list of mind building thoughts. Reading this list daily will have a profound impact on your entire life. Test it out for a month and experience the benefits for yourself. Let us know how it goes.

  1. God is before me at all times.
  2. Nothing else exists besides the Almighty.
  3. I love God, my Father, my King, Creator and Sustainer of the universe.
  4. God loves each person more than each person loves himself.
  5. I am constantly grateful for all the good in my life.
  6. I will constantly communicate with myself in positive ways.
  7. I am grateful for each moment of life.
  8. I am grateful for each and every breath.
  9. I am grateful for being able to see.
  10. I am grateful for being able to hear.
  11. I am grateful for being able to talk.
  12. I am grateful for being able to walk.
  13. I will grow and upgrade myself with every occurrence and situation.
  14. I will consistently find positive reframes.
  15. Every human being is created in the image of the Creator and I have deep respect for each and every person.
  16. I have unconditional love for people.
  17. I love to do as much kindness as I can.
  18. I will see the good in each person I meet.
  19. I will say and do what I can to bring out the best in each person I meet.
  20. I will say words of encouragement to everyone I can.
  21. I will experience a strong sense of courage and empowerment.
  22. I will imagine the most courageous and empowered people who ever lived, and I will learn from their thoughts and actions to be more and more courageous and empowered.
  23. I will learn from each person I meet.
  24. Every experience gives me greater self-knowledge.
  25. I will remember my strengths and I will apply them in more and more situations
  26. I will visualize myself being the way I wish to be.
  27. I will greet people cheerfully.
  28. I will consistently see myself being joyful, kind, courageous, patient, serene, and enthusiastic. Every time I am this way, these qualities become stronger and stronger, now and always.


© 2002 ZELIG PLISKIN (Permission is given to reprint this with the copyright.)

Based on the "Creating the states you want: more joy, less distress recorded seminar.

For more information contact (USA 516-903-7096).
Also based on the following Artscroll books by Zelig Pliskin: "My Father, My King," "Happiness," "Kindness," "Courage," "Patience," "Serenity," and "Enthusiasm."


Click to to download a pocket-size PDF version of this list.


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