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Collecting Resourceful States

May 26, 2009 | by

Every time you experience a positive, resourceful state, that state is stored in the immense library of your brain. By giving your positive states names you will be able to retrieve them just as you can retrieve a computer file by typing it's filename. This idea is so valuable and so important for every aspect of your life that it makes sense to make mastery of your present states a high priority.

There are many standard names for some of the states you want to experience over and over again. These include: joy, courage, being calm and serene, patience, concentrating, being enthusiastic, self-mastery and self-discipline, and you can include any of your favorite others.

How do you create and access states? One way is to speak and act in ways that are consistent with that state. Another way is to remember times and moments when you were already in a specific state. Memories of being in a positive state access that state from your brain to the rest of your mind and body.

How do you collect resourceful states? Every time you are in an especially positive state give that state a unique name. You can even use your imagination to create great states and then those states have an actual physiological reality. You can name resourceful states after great people and other role models for that state. I advocate collecting states in alphabetical order, but you can use any order you prefer.

Think of your most joyful moments. What names do you want to give each of those states? You can create a name after a specific victory or success: "Winning the game state." Or, "Being given an award state." It could be that something especially wonderful happened to you. Name the state after the event, situation, place or people associated with it. Think of your calmest most serene moments. You might name your state after a specific place: for example, "Peaceful garden state." "On top of Mount Everest state." Think of your most confident and courageous moments. Give those states names. Think of your most creative and insightful moments. Give those states names.

Forty-three years ago when I went to Telshe Yeshiva, on the first day as I entered his room for my acceptance test, my teacher, the late Rabbi Mordechai Gifter said to me in his usual resonating, powerful voice, "Good morning, Zelig! How are you today?" Now each morning when I wake up, after expressing gratitude for another day of life, I repeat the name of this state. The feelings of that moment, along with the many lessons I learned from my teacher come back to me. Reading your list of states will be like giving your brain a mental warm up. This will make you more aware of the positive states you experience in the future. Mastery of your states will upgrade your reaching your most important goals. It will help you develop your character traits and it will upgrade your self-image.

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