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The Power of Consistency

Pinchas (Numbers 25:10-30:1 )

by Rabbi Eli Scheller

Hashem said to Moshe, "Take to yourself Yehoshua son of Nun, a man in whom there is spirit, and lean your hand upon him." (Num. 27:18)

Moshe prays to God to appoint a new leader over the nation and God appoints Yehoshua. There were plenty of people who were eligible for this position. There was Elazar, Pinchas, and the 70 elders. Why then did God choose Yehoshua as Moshe's successor?

If you have a pot of water on the stove and you are waiting for it to boil, but every few minutes you remove it, the water will never boil. It doesn't even matter how big the flame is, since each time it is removed and returned, the boiling process starts over from scratch. It is only the continuous process of heating which causes it to boil. The flame could be very small and it may take longer to heat up, but as long as it's consistent it will eventually begin bubbling.

The Torah says abut Yehoshua: "A lad, who did not depart from within the tent"(Exodus 22:11). Already from his youth Yehoshua gave up every comfort to be in the tent of Torah. He was consistent - never removing his pot from the flame. He didn't have all those sick days and vacations. Whatever it took, he made sure that he was always there. He started out with a flame no bigger than anyone else, but it was his power of consistency that made him hotter than everyone else!

The Korban Tamid, the daily sacrifice, was not an expensive sacrifice, but its effects were enormous: it atoned for the sins of the Jews. The reason it managed this is because it was tamid, consistent: every single day it was brought without fail. It doesn't matter how big a project is; what matters is how you do it. If you're not consistent then you won't get too far. Better take something small that you can be sure to do every day, and it will then just be a matter of time before you begin bubbling!


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