Weekly Torah Portion

Unburden Them

It's the same amount of time and energy - might as well give it with a smile!

Let Me Talk to Mommy

"One Voice" requires consultation. Use it often!

Protective Exposure

We can teach just as much through exposure to values and behaviors that we don't agree with!

Worth a Thousand Words

It's worth the effort! Pictures create bonds and memories our words simply can't!

Irrational Parenting

If we can recognize how irrational we are when we're angry, we might avoid some serious parenting mistakes!

But Where Are The Instructions?

Knowing the basics is not enough - we have to figure out the details too!

Selective Vision

Sometimes we can bless our children - by ignoring them!

But I Don’t Like Lemonade!

That may be true, but if your child is selling it, buy it anyway!”

Consuming Infants With Fire

Contention and fighting unleash unwanted consequences. Protect your kids!

Too Close To See

Of course we know our kids best - that's why we need outside help to figure out what's going on!

Whose side are you on?

We can only handle criticism when it comes from someone who is on our side.

Robbed of Responsibility

Yes, sometimes you can care too much! An overzealous parent robs their child from learning accountability!

Urgent Reward

We're excellent at immediate focused punishments - but how focused are we when it comes to rewards?

Let it Go

We might remember our children's past struggles throughout their childhood. Leave them there - in the past!

Homeless at Home

Is it possible to feel homeless in the comfort of your own home? Our children don't want to find out!

Winning with Words

Everyone wants the secret to raising kids who will honor their parents. Just go ask Mommy.

Sticks and Stones and Baseball Bats

No one forgets how much damage a baseball bat can do - but we could use a reminder about the power of our words.

I Don’t Know

Dealing with those three dreaded words.

What’s On Your Shoulder?

Some things have to be thrown into the trunk – it just shouldn’t be our children!

Right Time, Right Place

The delicate nature of knowing when and where to say it!

In a Name, is Love

But it all depends on how you say it!

After the Apology

Accepting an apology is only the beginning - restoring the relationship is the key!

Lazy Children

No one dreams about raising lazy children!

Power to Amend

It's one of the greatest gifts we can give our children - let them watch us clean up our mistakes!

Be There With Bells On

Because it's so much easier to handle our day when we know what's coming.

But Do You Really Want To?

Of course we're going to do things for our kids - but it's the "heart" of the matter that they really care about. No one likes to feel like a burden!

Good Under Pressure

It’s much harder to perform with someone looking over your shoulder! Give your kids some space and remove the pressure – they’ll appreciate it!

The Art of Complaining

Our children will look at us to see HOW we complain about the issues we have - both with them and with others. And that is quite a test!

Our Secret Weatherman

Our children do not appreciate when we point out to how many things we do for them. But our spouses can do it for us!

Remember the Frogs

We would also hit the frogs if they were driving us crazy. But how do we handle our kids?

I Love You All The Same

Of course we love all of our children the same. But do they know that?

What's Taking So Long!

Just Accept it – everything takes longer with kids

But What Do You Want Me To Do About It?

Most of the time, the reality is that there is nothing we can do for our kids about life's disappointments - other than respond appropriately!

The Unexpected Voice

We all have a “voice” that our children expect to hear from us. The question is: Whose voice is it?

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