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Haggadah Torah Teasers

Passover (first day) (Exodus 12:21-51 )

by Moshe Erlbaum

Stretch your knowledge of the Haggadah text.

1. The Seder begins with a recounting of the 15 steps to be performed (Simanei Haseder - Kadesh, Urchatz, etc.). Which Hebrew letter appears here the most (9 times)?

The letter raish appears nine times: Urchatz, Karpas, Rachtza, Maror, Koreich, Shulchan orech, Barech, Nirtzah.

2. Which of the Simanei Haseder (Kadesh, Urchatz, etc.) contains a Hebrew letter that is used twice? (4 answers)

Hallel has two lameds. Korech has two kafs. Marror has two raishes. Motzie Matzah has two mems and tzaddis.

3. What verse (that we say every day) is the only place in the Haggadah where Moshe's name is mentioned?

In the paragraph following the ten plagues, we state that the Children of Israel "trusted in Hashem and in Moshe His servant." We say this verse every morning in Pesukei Dezimra, before the recital of "Az Yashir."

4. What expression describing Hashem appears 11 times in the Haggadah, but nowhere in the Torah?

The expression "Hakadosh Baruch Hu" (the Holy One, blessed is He) appears 11 times in the Haggadah, but nowhere in the entire Torah.

5. What Torah text is contained in the Haggadah?

The text beginning with the words "Arami Oved Avi" is found in parshas Ki Tavo (Deut. 26:5).

6. Which sages of the Mishnah (Tana'im) are mentioned in the Haggadah? (3 sages are mentioned twice, and 6 sages are mentioned once)

Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Elazar ben Azarya are mentioned twice in the Haggadah. Rabbi Yehoshua, Rabbi Tarfon, Ben Zomah, Rabbi Yossi Hagalili, Rabban Gamliel and Rabbi Yehuda are all mentioned once.

7. Which two of the ten plagues are mentioned twice in the Haggadah?

The plagues of blood and pestilence (dever) are mentioned twice - once in the full listing of the plagues, and once in earlier paragraphs.

8. How many stanzas are in the "Dayeinu" song? What two other praises of Hashem in the daily prayers contain that same number?

There are 15 stanzas in "Dayeinu." There are also 15 blessings in the daily morning blessings (Birkos Hashachar), and 15 words of praise in the Emet Veyatziv paragraph recited after the Shema.

9. What 7 names of people from the Torah are mentioned in the verses of Hallel? Which 2 appear most frequently (4 references each)?

"Yisrael" (Psalms 114:2, 115:9, 12, 118:2) and "Adam" (Psalms 115:4, 16, 118:6, 8) each appear four times in Hallel. These other names appear in Hallel: Mitzrayim the son of Cham, grandson of Noach (Psalms 114:1). Yaakov (Psalms 114:1, 7). Yehuda (Psalms 114:2). Aharon (Psalms 115:10, 12, 118:3). Yosef (Psalms 115:14).

10. Which 8 body parts are mentioned in Hallel?

These body parts appear in Hallel: (1) hands (Psalms 115:4, 7), (2) eyes (115:5, 116:8), (3) ears (Psalms 115:6, 116:2), (4) legs (Psalms 115:7, 116:8), (5) fingers (Psalms 115:4), (6) mouth (Psalms 115:5), (7) nose (115:6), and (8) throat (Psalms 115:7).

11. Which body of water is mentioned in Hallel?

The Jordan River (Yarden) is mentioned in Psalms 114:3.

12. Which chapter of Hallel is the shortest chapter of the entire Tanach?

Psalms chapter 117 has only two verses.

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