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Short Bedtime Coloring Story: Freddy-Fix-It

May 7, 2020 | by Avital Rosenfeld and Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

A short bedtime story and coloring book on the value of helping people.

Hi. My name is Freddy. I love fixing things.

Yesterday a wheel came loose from the doll carriage of my little sister Avigail.

So I took my toy wrench and was able to tighten the screw on the wheel, and boom! Her doll carriage was fixed!

Avigail was so happy!

And so was I.

But I don’t only fix doll carriages.

Two weeks ago my friend Billy lost his entire math notebook that was filled with all of the notes that we took during the whole last month in math class.

So, Freddy-Fix-It to the rescue!

I photo-copied the entire part of my math notebook that he lost, and I gave him all of the copies.

[I even stapled all of the pages together neatly to make it look nicer for him.]


Go Freddy-Fix-It! It’s nice helping people....

But the thing with helping people to fix things, is that you have to keep your eyes and your ears open. Like last week…

It was Tuesday afternoon, and suddenly my older sister Brenda started yelling, “Ouch! I pricked myself with a needle, and it’s bleeding! It hurts!”

I ran to the medicine cabinet and quickly brought her a band-aid. Poor Brenda. Her finger really hurt.

Now her finger is fine. I’m so happy

I could help her….

But … not everything can be fixed.

Yesterday Mommy dropped a big serving bowl of noodles and cheese. There was a huge mess all over the kitchen floor, and the serving bowl broke into lots of pieces.

I ran over to try and help Mommy clean up the floor, but she said I should stand back while she cleaned up the mess, so I shouldn’t get hurt from the broken glass.

At least I did offer to help.

I guess Freddy-Fix-It can’t fix everything.

And I guess it’s true that not everything can always be fixed!

But it is nice to at least try. Especially if it means trying to help somebody fix something.

So I keep looking for things that maybe I can fix.

Because it’s nice to help other people. That way you can show other people that you care.

It makes them feel good.

And it makes me feel good, too!

Questions to Discuss:

  • Were you able to do something today to help someone? What did you do? And how?
  • How does helping someone to fix something make you feel?
  • How does helping someone to fix something make them feel?
  • How does someone helping you to fix something make you feel?

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